10 Holiday Movies NOT to Miss This Year {The Addicted List}

It’s officially the “most wonderful time of the year.” Millions of people will spend time this season watching hours of holiday movies. As we move into the week of Thanksgiving and usher in December families are creating lasting memories and reaping the benefits of holiday cheer. Remember growing up watching movies with your parents or friends for Christmas? We all did it. And, Hollywood is taking notice. This time of year is a prime-time for new movies – theatrical releases and made-for-TV films. The Hallmark Channel will broadcast a multitude of feel-good holiday movies. Disney’s Freeform Channel (formerly Disney Family Channel) recently announced their 25 Days of Christmas Schedule featuring seasonal entertainment and festive movies. Other channels and production companies will release entertainment options as well.

I love watching holiday movies. I enjoy the new films and the classic ones; they help set the atmosphere for a fun Christmas season.

Holiday movies are a staple in families across the world. As you prepare your Thanksgiving meals, add these 10 holiday movies to our “watch list"

10 Holiday Movies to Add to your “Watch List”

1…This Christmas (2007) >>>

This Christmas is one of my absolute favorite holiday movies. I look for the broadcast every year. This may be the year that I purchase the streaming version on Amazon. The story is great. The soundtrack is spectacular. Loretta Devine does and excellent job, as does Chris Brown (don’t judge me). I love so much about this movie. If you’ve never seen it; be sure to check it out.

2…The Preacher’s Wife (1996) >>>

I have loved this movie since I first saw it. Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston are a good combination. Plus, Jenifer Lewis plays the mother of a main character (per usual). The story in the movie is remake of the classic 1947 film, The Bishop’s Wife (source: Wikipedia). Also, Gregory Hines stars as a real estate investor. The plot is a feel-good story and makes it one of my must-see holiday movies. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the theatrical release date. I hope this will be noted and celebrated in some fashion.

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3…A Christmas Story (1983) >>>

Watching A Christmas Story is a family tradition. Every Christmas Eve we watch this movie on repeat on TBS. Our family isn’t satisfied until we’ve seen Ralphie?! Last year I was able to see a local theatrical production of “A Christmas Story” at the Arkansas Public Theater. It was a great performance and a memory I will always cherish.
 12 Things You Might Not Know About A Christmas Story (Even Though You’ve Seen It 90 Times) >>>

4…Miracle on 34th Street (1994) >>>

This movie is a classic movie. I watch it every holiday season. It’s not really the holidays until I see this movie. I enjoy both versions of Miracle on 34th Street – the black and white and the colorized version. What can go wrong with Santa Claus, a child’s wishlist and a Christmas Parade.

If you’re really Santa Claus, you can get it for me. And if you can’t, you’re only a nice man with a white beard like mother says. ~Miracle on 34th Street

5…Almost Christmas (2016) >>>

I originally was skeptical of Almost Christmas. I saw this movie on opening day. This film is produced by Will Packer Productions. The storyline is familiar – parent wants all children home for the holidays – queue the drama (there’s always drama). However, the biggest differences are the comedic lines delivered by Mo’Nique. Some were funny. Some were not; but she added spice to the plot and played her role excellent. If you decide to see this movie, you will laugh. The cast is full of familiar faces: Gabrielle Union, Omar Epps, Danny Glover, Kimberly Elise and more.
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6…The Best Man Holiday (2013) >>>

This movie is the sequel to The Best Man movie in 1999. It features most of the characters from the original film and tells the story of a group of friends spending the Christmas holiday together. Grab your tissue. Your eyes will sweat (meaning: you will cry).


7…Christmas Lilies of the Field (1979) >>>

I watched this movie as a child. I’ve only seen it a few times. It’s difficult to find it on television nowadays. However, its message and story have stuck with me for many years. Sidney Poitier won an Academy Award for the first Lilies of the Field (1963). In Christmas Lilies of the Field, Billy Dee Williams reprises the role of Homer Smith and returns to the chapel he built years earlier. You can purchase or watch the movie on Amazon Video.

View the trailer for Christmas Lilies of the Field >>> HERE.
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8…Home Alone (1990) >>>

Home Alone was a staple in our house while I was growing up. We watched the movie as a family and enjoyed every minute. I can’t wait to show this movie to my niece and nephew. I hope they laugh as much as I do. Macaulay Culkin shines in this movie.

25 Things You Might Not Know About Home Alone

Fact: the role of Kevin was written specifically for him. Also, please note, I prefer the original Home Alone movie over the sequel. How many times have you seen Home Alone?

9…Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) >>>

This is one of my favorite classic holiday movies. I watched it as a kid and continue to look forward to the broadcast each year. I enjoy this movie along with the other classic stop-motion animated Christmas movies from that era – Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town and Frosty the Snowman. Watch the clip of the song, “There’s Always Tomorrow” from the movie.

10…Elf >>>

I love this movie. It holds a special place in my heart as I lived in New York City during the filming of the movie. I had the chance opportunity of stumbling upon the movie set in Central Park. I watched a few scenes being shot, and at the time I had no idea the movie was Elf. Every time I watch it, I think of that day in the park. Buddy the Elf is an iconic character!

The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

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While you’re preparing Thanksgiving dinner or baking desserts for the family, spend the down-time watching your favorite holiday movies. Many of these movies above will be [or already are] available for streaming or viewing on demand. Create lasting memories with your family. Several of the films above I watched as a child. The youth in your life will thank you.

What do you think of the list? Which movies would you add? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Jennifer

    After all these years, I still haven’t seen Miracle on 34th Street. I need to watch it this year. The Preacher’s Wife is a really good movie. I also want to see It’s a Wonderful Life. My daughter loves making a Christmas movie list for the holidays. We’ll have to add some of your picks to the list!

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    1. Post

      Kim, thanks for comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the list. You should definitely check out Almost Christmas and Christmas Lilies of the Field. You will enjoy them.

  2. Donna

    Ok, this is a good list. I’ve never seen Elf or Miracle. I need to watch all of them! I’m stuck on Hallmark channel currently, they are playing lots of sappy romantic holiday movies! Right up my alley!

    1. Post

      Hallmark Channel will forever and always play sappy romantic movies. I’m right there with you. I check out their TV schedule quite often. You should definitely check out Elf. It’s a fun movie.

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