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4 Blogging Tips to Start Doing Now for Better Results

It’s the first week of October. It’s time for set goals and implement blogging tips to finish the last three months [of the year] strong! The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. The mornings are getting darker and the temperatures are falling. It was 45 degrees here the other night! This is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the cool weather and the fashion. But, truth be told, the year is quickly coming to an end. Thanksgiving is next month and then Christmas and the new year will be upon us.

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Try these 4 blogging tips and tricks for better results | addicted to fries

Quarterly Blog Recap

Below is a blogging review of the last quarter and a discussion of 4 blogging tips and ideas for October that can help take your blog to the next level. The past three months were active for the Addicted to Fries blog. I published more content. I attended two blogger conferences, and I posted my first affiliate link.

blogging tips

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4 Blogging Tips to Start Doing Now

With this being the last quarter of 2015, now is the time to set goals and implement blogging tips and tricks for the remainder of the year. Setting goals is a vital step to success. As bloggers, it’s easy to get bogged down with life and schedules which leads to blogging “in the meantime.” Not only are goals important, but an action plan is a major successful blogging tip. Below are 4 blogging tips that will keep you on the right track for better results.
  1. Create Content Consistency. This is the number one important thing that must be done in order to create a brand, develop your voice and build an audience or following. Be consistent. Post regularly…but consistently. Look at your content. Will others be able to recognize your formatting, images, and voice when reading it. Earlier this summer, I enrolled in the Consistency Course by Mattie James of Mattieologie. She is the bearer of being consistent and creating consistent content. You can sign up for her free consistency e-mail course >> HERE.
  2. Plan, Plan and Plan. Part of being consistent begins with planning. Creating a schedule or calendar helps lay the foundation to consistent content. Editorial calendars or content calendars are a great way to plan your content. Posting on the same days each week creates a rhythm and expectation for your readers. Review the categories on your blog. Are there any categories that have been dormant? If so, determine if you want to add more content, and plan to do it. Regina from recommends the Editorial Calendar WordPress Plugin to help plan your content. You can learn more about the editorial calendar plugin >> HERE.
  3. Get organized. Being organized creates a calm space for me to work within. I’ve created color coded systems and filing systems that coordinate with events, topics, categories, etc. Organization can be done in your physical space. But, I also challenge you to look at your online space. Do you need to organize your blog? How are you storing your working files? If you’re using Dropbox or Google Drive, how are those areas organized? Does it make sense? Organize things. This will improve your workflow and increase your production of content, digital products, videos and more. In addition to planning your content, it’s helpful to keep other activities in a handy place as well. I love planners. Below are three of the planners that I use and how I use them.
    • Passion Planner – monthly, weekly blog planning. I create a content schedule and look at high-level content themes. Learn about the Passion Planner >> HERE. Tell them Ramona sent you!
    • A Beautiful Mess Planner – Life and Personal planning. I love to take notes. This planner is where I jot down events of interests and personal tasks. You can preorder 2016 ABM planners >> HERE.
    • Epic blog Planner – individual blog post planning. I love this planner from Regina (of You can learn more about the awesome features >> HERE.
  4. Forward Thinking – Thoughts for 2016.  Guys, the year is almost over! We have less than 90 days before the new year. Start thinking ahead. Make plans for 2016. How can you POSITION yourself to PROFIT from your PASSION? What does your blogging content plan look like? Is a redesign on your task list? Does your logo need updating? Could your “About Me” page need revising? Do you have a Work With Me page? Here are a few of my plans for 2016:

    **Create more digital products. This will allow me to offer share my passion with others.
    **Re-purpose my artwork – create prints
    **Create a “START HERE” section (before the end of January).
Everyone, it’s time to step into your purpose. The above four blogging tips and ideas will help get better results. Create content consistently. This is a challenge for many bloggers. One of steps to being consistent is planning. Plan your content and your production. Along with planning comes organization. Organize your blog and your work space – online and off. Then start planning for the year ahead. How will you position yourself to profit from your passion?
Question of the day:
What is your biggest challenge as a blogger, as a creative professional?
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Ramona4 Blogging Tips to Start Doing Now for Better Results

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  1. Erica @ Coming Up Roses

    Consistency is definitely key! I tripled my blog traffic and made almost $2K this past month, so my most recent post dives into how I did it. Being consistent is part of it…and then there’s more! But as for planners, the Purposeful Planner is my new #1. It’s got a page for every day with a super organized daily timeline, menu, must-do’s, an inspirational quote or Bible verse…even a checklist for water intake! Staying organized with that is a piece o’ cake.

    Coming Up Roses

    1. Post
  2. Jessica

    I am able to write and post consistently, but my biggest challenge is finding the time to advertise and get my posts out there.

    1. Post

      Jessica. Yes, that is a real challenge. I am working to be better about scheduling my posts in HootSuite or Buffer. When I schedule the blog post, I also schedule a few promotional tweets and Facebook posts.

      Thanks for the comment.

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  3. Amy from Mom's Magical Miles

    Great tips! Planning topics and keeping an editorial calendar is such a challenge for me but I know that it can make things so much better!

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment, Amy. I understand about editorial calendars. It’s definitely a challenge. Having a system makes things smoother and helps you get into a rhythm. Best wishes for a strong finish in 2015!

  4. Addie

    It really is time to hunker down and get ready for blogging in 2016! Also, consistency can make or break creating a loyal community on your blog!

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment, Kallee. Planning and organization can make a huge difference. Best wishes for a strong finish in 2015 and an even bigger beginning in 2016!

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