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Tech Tuesday is a weekly series that recaps social media news headlines from the last week. Topics include new features, marketing campaigns and platform advancements. I also share my thoughts on these social media news headlines and ask questions to spark open dialogue and conversation.

The world continues to move forward. It was a busy week for me, per usual. I attended my nephew’s football game last weekend. He scored THREE touchdowns (he’s the quarterback), and my niece made all the right moves on the cheer squad. She did so good. In world news this week, the Democrats hold their first 2016 Presidential Debate tonight; The House of Representatives continue to look for a Speaker [of the House]; and people are raising awareness for Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer. Once again, social media news provided stories for everyone to discuss at the water cooler.

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Last Week in Social Media

In this edition of Tech Tuesday I discuss millennials, Facebook emojis, Snapchat and Twitter.

L’Oreal Offer Millennials Year-long Social Media Editor position

L’Oreal Paris is searching for it’s next social media editor position through a competition geared toward millennials. Interested fans must write a blog post explaining why they would be the best candidate for the position. You can learn more about the “Editor-in-Gloss” competition >> HERE.

Oh, L’Oreal, I’m having flashbacks of the first season of “House of DVF” on E! However, this process of writing a blog post seems much less arduous than the DVF reality show hiring process (Season 2 is airing now). I like the concept of using millennials for their social media activity. This can bring a new point-of-view to campaigns and strategy. Also, I’m sure L’Oreal has taken all precautions to make sure things run smoothly and without incident (read the Target Facebook Troll). Having a younger “Editor-in-Gloss” is a good option as millennials are the new “it” audience. I wish L’Oreal Paris the best!

Facebook Testing New Emoji Buttons

Facebook is testing (in Ireland and Spain) six new emojis to accompany the “like” button. Facebook has dubbed the sentiment buttons as “Reactions.” The engagement data will help marketers gain more insight into their posts. You can read more about the Facebook emojis >> HERE.

We knew this was coming. How many times have you wanted to show different emotions or sentiment on Facebook status updates? These new buttons could be a game-changer for brands. Imagine posting an update and your fans take the time to express their true emotions (wow, angry or sad). Having this type of engagement can provide deeper insight and lead to better content. It will be interesting to see how the sentiment buttons impact the infamous Facebook algorithm. Will updates that receive majority negative sentiment be shown LESS in the news feeds, while those with positive sentiment reach more users? Hmm, something to think about. Let’s all welcome the new Facebook emojis. I’m sure these will be a big hit. It will be interesting to see the functionality on both mobile and desktop. 

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How Snapchat Influencers Attract Millions of Viewers in 24 Hours

Snapchat offers advertising options…that are not cheap. Brands, like Cinnabon, are finding creative ways to build a fan base and promote products on the network. A few brands have paid top Snapchat influencers to include products in their “snaps.” Learn how one company, Sphero, garnered 10 million views in 24 hours >> HERE.

To my chagrin, Snapchat strategies are a real thing. I get it. I know that this network is hot, HOT among millennials. I find it interesting that people are identifying themselves as ‘Snapchat Influencers’ and getting paid to have products in their videos. My first thought is, “let me figure out Snapchat…quick!” People are getting paid for snaps. Hot dog, Hot dog, hot diggity dog! I will wait to see how  brand placements in snaps perform for other brands before I pursue this in my day job. But, how does one find Snapchat Influencers? And, what are the measurements? Sorry, I digress. 

How does one find a Snapchat Influencer? Is there a list I can reference? 

Layoffs ahead at Twitter

Twitter confirmed that they will lay off workers in an effort to prune its engineering and media divisions. The network will also halt expansion plans at their San Francisco headquarters. You can read more about the planned workforce reduction >> HERE.

Anytime I hear about layoffs at a company, I feel sad. Having been laid off six years ago and recently enduring a workforce reduction at my current company, I know it’s a tough situation. One thing that I’ve learned working for a Fortune 1 company, is that restructures are part of the process. New leadership brings new thinking and can also mean elimination of jobs. Twitter is one of my favorite social networks. I wish the best for those who are impacted and for the new direction of the company. 

In conclusion, it’s clear to see that the social media industry is maturing and the changes continue. With growing pains, can come challenging decisions. Networks must innovate to stand out from the crowd. Brands, like social networks, must evolve their thinking and strategy. The world is waiting for the next great thing!

Question of the Day: 

Which brand is your favorite to follow on Twitter and/or Facebook? 


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  1. Chrystal, ChryssVI

    I like to follow black owned businesses and brands. @sipthetea, @protectivestyles, and @blackwomendoworkout just to name a few.

  2. Tyra

    I love the emojis on Facebook. I have been wondering why this hasn’t been implemented already. And weird that there are layoffs going on at Twitter given the success of Periscope.

  3. Shawana

    Wow, that’s Interesting about Twitter. I know their headquarters consist of 2 buildings that are pretty big in reference to square footage. I can’t decide which brand I like the most on FB or Twitter. I follow so many it’s hard to choose.

  4. Joanna

    I’ve heard of the snapchat hype, but didn’t know it was so big. I try my best to be in the know, but there’s so much going on.

  5. Camesha | Mama Motivator

    That L’Oreal competition is awesome! It could be a really cool opportunity for the winner.

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  6. Jonna

    I don’t really have a favorite brand on Twitter or Facebook I don’t think. There are just so many!

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    1. Post

      I agree, Tanay. It will be interesting to see what it means for brands…and if they allow the “reactions” for personal profiles.

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  7. Kasi

    Interesting topics! I love Snapchat, it’s very addictive, lol. That’s too bad about the Twitter layoffs.

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  8. Camile

    I am sorry to hear about the Twitter layoffs. However, I think the position with Loreal sounds amazing. Are you putting your name in the hat? If so, good luck.

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  9. chasing Joy

    I heard about the twitter lay offs. At first I was surprised but then when I thought about it I wasn’t. I don’t spend as much time on twitter as I once did.

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, layoffs and restructuring are hard and often expected. Twitter will evolve and move forward. However, they must innovate to stay relevant.

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