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5 Interesting Pop Culture News Items You Should Know

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Tomorrow is the start of Holy Week here in the United States. The world is in turmoil. The days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting warmer. The most interesting pop culture news articles from last week included a retirement, free music performances, a new series on Netflix, an insensitive commercial and more.

Interesting Pop Culture News

1…GirlBoss, the Series, premieres this month  
TV Guide
Sofia Amoruso’s famous book, GIRLBOSS, is being made into a series for Netflix. The official trailer has been released. According to the TV Guide article, Season 1 of Girlboss will chronicle Sofia’s decision to start her vintage business. You can view the trailer below.

Yes, this is surreal ? Full trailer at ❤?❤ Premiering worldwide April 21 ?

A post shared by Sophia Amoruso (@sophiaamoruso) on

I started reading the Amoruso book, but I haven’t finished. I will most likely want to finish before watching this series. I believe it will be entertaining as her life has been the same. I watched this rise and fall of her empire over the last few months. It’s a classic entrepreneur case of what works…and what doesn’t work. Will you watch the series?

2…Tony Romo retires from Football; joins CBS Sports
CBS Sports
Tony Romo has retired from professional football. The announcement came this week. He is the newest member of the CBS Sports family. He will be an lead NFL game analyst.

Congratulations, Tony Romo. He spent 14 years with the Dallas Cowboys, America’s most loved and hated team. In recent years, Romo  lost his quarterback position to a younger player. I think he will be great as a broadcaster. What do you think?

SEE ALSO: Tony Romo Officially Joins CBS Broadcasting Family [Cowboys Wire]

3…Kendall Jenner made a Pepsi commercial and Twitter “clapped back”
The Huffington Post
On the 49th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this new Pepsi commercial was trending on Twitter and the broad internet. The commercial features Kendall Jenner making peace with a cop [at a protest] by offering him a can of Pepsi. People on Twitter were not happy.

On Wednesday, April 5, Pepsi pulled the ad amid the backlash.
“We are removing the content and halting any further rollout,” the company said.

This was simply tone-deaf and insensitive. The message that was sent that life’s protests and struggles can be solved with a can of Pepsi. This is not the first time a brand created ads that went too far. When will these brands learn? It’s more crucial now [than ever] to have a diverse group of people at the decision-making table. These insane commercials are getting approved, but how?

ALSO READ: Dear Pepsi, That Ad was a Gold in the Fail Olympics [Awesomely Luvvie]

4…Amazon to Wins Bid for NFL streaming rights
The Hollywood Reporter
Amazon has secured a deal to stream 10 Thursday Night NFL games during the 2017-2018 season. The games will only be available to Amazon Prime members. The deal is reported to be for one year and valued at $50 million.

This is major news. Live streaming is here to stay. This is a good deal for Amazon. It gives them clout in the live streaming arena. Plus, this is another feature for Prime members. Yasssss, for the Prime membership! This will be a nice option to have, you know, in case I need it. Are you a Prime member? Will you watch the NFL live stream on Amazon? 

5…Coachella will live stream main artists on YouTube
Watch the acts from the comfort of your home. YouTube will live stream select artists on the Coachella channel. April 14-16, viewers will be able to catch live performances for free. The lineup for the YouTube live stream will be announced later. This is the seventh year in a row that YouTube has exclusively broadcast the event.

Ok. This is really cool. I, for one, will be tuning in. I’ve never been to Coachella, but I know how big it is. It’s awesome that YouTube is offering a few music acts for free. Hopefully, we will get to see Lady Gaga and a few others. One of these days I will make it to the festival (I guess). In the meantime, I will watch on YouTube. Will you tune in?

Other interesting pop culture news…

▶︎ Suge Knight finally reveals who killed Tupac Shakur. The imprisoned music executive shared the information this week. [BET]
▶︎ Martin Lawrence is getting married for the third time. He proposed to his fiancé Roberta Moradfar, a nurse practitioner with a $500K ring. [HollywoodLife]
▶︎ Mayte Garcia write a book about her life and time with her ex-husband Prince. The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince, her deeply personal story, was released on Tuesday, April 4. Available on Amazon and anywhere books are sold.
What did I miss? Which interesting pop culture news stories were you following? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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Comments 25

  1. Jonna

    Thank goodness Romo is going to retire. I’m sure he will be great as a broadcaster. My husband will be glad to know he can watch NFL on our Amazon fire stick since I have Prime.

    1. Post
  2. Felecia Monique

    Super excited for the girlboss venture with Netflix. That’s amazing. Kendall Jenner is a such a non-factor. Suge is a murderer and this post got me up and moving.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  3. Tanya Barnett

    Thanks for the recap…I don’t keep up with Pop culture so this was great. Thanks!

    1. Post
  4. Carissa

    Girl Boss looks good I may have to check it out. Between the end of last week and this week…its been entirely TOO MUCH going on! My husband will totally love the NFL and Amazon stream, we are FAITHFUL prime users so this is perfect for him!

    1. Post
  5. Kisha

    We can’t forget the orange elephant and what’s going on in Syria.
    On a lighter note, Coachella is on the things to do list. Since I’m not a big tv watcher, I’ll listen out for feedback to decide if Girl Boss is worth a binge watch.
    I appreciate the updat!

    1. Post

      You’re welcome, Kisha. Yes, the Syria strike was definitely news. I’ll keep you updated on the Girl Boss series.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Precious

    Thanks for keeping us up on what’s happening. I totally didn’t know about the girl boss series & I’ve been dying to get to Coachella…maybe next year ☺️

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment, Precious. I think Coachella would be a fun festival. I’m not sure when I will make it. I hope you get to attend very soon.

  7. Mimi Green

    United Airlines epic fail when they decided to drag a passenger off like a hog. I get over booking, but what happened to offering vouchers and such. Insane. Also Southwest has no chill about it and I’m amused at their shade.

    1. Post
  8. Jay Colby

    The Pepsi commercial was interesting & started an conversation about the media conveys struggles in the black community. Tony Romo retiring was also big news especially here in Dallas.

    1. Post

      Jay, good point. It definitely started a conversation. Hopefully, the advertising industry executives are also discussing ways to increase diversity at the decision-making table. This will help to halt insensitive commercials in the future.

  9. Keisha

    Wonderful thanks for sharing! I am here for Amazon’s deal with the NFL! Being that I live abroad, and have prime that is major good news!

    1. Post
  10. Lisa

    I’ve never read girlboss, but it sounds like a good book! I’ll have to check it out and then check out the series.
    The Pepsi commercial was just tasteless and its interesting that no one in the ad company could see that. Crazy what people think will sell!

    1. Post

      Lisa, thanks for your comment. Yes, that commercial was tasteless. No one in the ad company said anything because there is little diversity in that industry. There has been a movement for several years to recruit advertising professionals of color. This commercial proves there is still work to do.

  11. Kita

    I’m definitely interested in watching Girl Boss. I’ve followed her forever so this is exciting. Romo was just ok so I hope he enjoys his retirement. Pepsi + Kendal = ugh and whatever.

    1. Post

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