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Be Informed: 5 Social Media Industry News Items You Should Know

This week the social media industry news items focus on updates, upgrades and monetization. Snap, Inc. prepares for its initial public offering (IPO). Facebook aims to help you find a job and live stream sports games. These new features and upgrades help the networks stay relevant and top-of-mind for users these days.


Let’s get into the social media industry news item for this wee



Social media industry news items from last week focused on network and platform updates and upgrades.

Social Media Industry News

1…Tenor looks to monetize GIFs

Tenor, a Giphy competitor, is looking to monetize GIFs. The startup partnered with messaging apps to include their universal GIF keyboard in the apps. Read more about how Tenor plans to make money >>> HERE.

Everybody loves GIFs! I’m starting to use them more in tweets, text messages and blog posts. As people send more messages, usage of GIFs will only increase. It will be interesting to see how Tenor decides to make money with GIFs. I must admit that I use Giphy or Ebroji for my GIFs. I don’t think that any of the GIF services are making a profit at this time. This means there’s opportunity to grow. 

2…Facebook introduces job listings, application tools

Facebook introduced new tools that allow employers to post available positions on Facebook and candidates to apply for jobs. Postings will appear in the news feed. You can read more about the new Facebook tool >>> HERE.


Believe me when I tell you that Facebook is trying to take up all your time online. These job postings are to Facebook what Linkedin is to the internet. I’m not sure how I feel about job postings on Facebook — formally. I’ve seen plenty of links to postings, people mentioning open positions; but those were all informal (not tied to a Page). I try to keep my personal activity on Facebook and professional activities on Linkedin. To be honest, I don’t see Facebook being the #1 source for job postings and applications. LinkedIn, Indeed, VelvetJobs and other online job boards will survive. However, I do see this is another option for Facebook to attract more activity from brands, companies and users. Would you apply for jobs through Facebook? 

3…Snap Spectacles are now available online. 

Snap, Inc. announced recently that photo and video recording Spectacles are now available online to consumers nationwide. Previously, you could only buy the frames at special pop-up shops in New York City and Santa Monica. Read more about the announcement on Fortune >>> HERE.


Social media industry news items from last week focused on network and platform updates and upgrades.

Image from Spectacles.com | Snap, Inc.

I was skeptical of Spectacles when they launched last year. It’s a cool concept, but I wasn’t sure how the product would “take off.” I’ve only seen a couple of videos shot with Spectacles. With this announcement and increased availability, hopefully people will buy the glasses and start sharing the videos. This decision [to expand availability nationwide] comes shortly before the expected IPO. Will this move help the initial stock price? We will see when Snap, Inc. starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange early next month. 


These 5 #socialmedia industry news stories are what you need to know from last week.

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4…Sponsored Instagram Posts Average $300

Working with influential social media users can not only increase engagement but also have a positive return in brand awareness, conversions and more. Instagram is now a hot-spot for sponsored posts. Certain niches and subject matter are popular on the platform. Learn more about Instagram Influencers >>> HERE.


The moral of this story is that Influencer Marketing isn’t going anywhere. Influencers are poised to get more money and become more useful for brands – big and small. If you have a social media account with any sizable following (over 1K), you can work with brands and businesses as an influencer. The challenge will be too show engagement and ROI – conversions and impact to brand awareness. To be honest, I have not done very many sponsored posts from my accounts. However, I see the potential. Are you currently working with brands as an influencer? Or, if you work for a brand/company how is your organization using influencers as part of their marketing efforts? 

5…Pokémon Go is getting a lot bigger

Pokémon Go updated the app with 80 new monsters this week. Users will be able to catch the new creatures “in the wild” instead only by hatching eggs. You can read about the Pokémon update >>> HERE.


Yes, I’m still playing Pokémon Go, but my activity is very sporadic. I was a big player when the game first launched on iOS. I quickly got over it. Thus, after six months, I am “only” on Level 8. However, I was intrigued enough to log in this week and see the new monsters. I was able to catch a few at dinner one night. I’m sure I will be playing this game sporadically as per usual. Are you playing Pokémon Go? What do you think of the 80 new creatures? 


Elsewhere in technology and social media industry news…
▶︎ Spotify gets new digs at 4 World Trade Center. Spotify is moving their NYC location to the World Trade Center and plans to add hundreds of jobs by 2018. [NBC New York]
▶︎ Meditation apps are growing in popularity. Apps like Mindfulness, Headspace and Calm have all experience over the last year as people are looking to reduce stress and find peace of mind. [Adweek]
▶︎ Facebook wants to live stream baseball games this season. Facebook is in talks with Major League Baseball to live stream one game per week. [Reuters]
What do you think? Did I miss any social media industry news updates? Which updates caught your attention? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or on Facebook or Twitter.
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    Gifs are my love language! I always have a funny one as a comeback, so I’m glad to know there are lots of options to pull from. I thought a follower count of 5k or more would qualify someone as an influencer–good to know that many followers isn’t necessary.

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      Yes, GIFs are awesome! There are companies and brands that will work with smaller follower bases as along as the engagement and click-throughs are good.

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