Introducing Talk Thursday

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“Talk Thursday” is a new series on the blog. I am starting this series as a way to highlight great information from trusted resources. Each person will answer six questions focused on food and health with a local perspective. This week’s featured guest is Tara B. I’ve known Tara since college at the University of Arkansas, but we have become …

Motivation Monday: Fitness, or the Lack Thereof

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Okay, truth be told, I haven’t worked out in over a month. I have fallen off the wagon. I need to get back on. I’ve been busy lately – working and volunteering on a project with my sorority. This leaves little time for exercise. There have been random days where I park in a remote (read “far away”) parking space. …

Five Minutes of Me, Volume 1 Issue 4

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What’s on my mind this week? I need to get more active. I recently purchased a group personal training package through LivingSocial. This week I called to get started. The other day I pulled out my Bethenny Frankel “Body by Bethenny” DVD. I popped it in the DVD player and then the phone rang. You know what that means: I …

Five Minutes of Me – Volume 1, Issue 3

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So, here we are again. Today, I am thinking about clean eating and exercising. I know that thinking and “doing” are two different things. For me, the first step is to think about. I like to call it visualization (smile). I’m really interested in kettlebells. I actually have a set, and I’m researching workouts on YouTube and Pinterest. My favorite …

{Motivation Monday} You Are What You Eat

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So, I’ve been thinking…that I need to do a better job with the food choices that I make. Part of me eats for comfort (popcorn, cupcakes, hot dogs). Another part eats as busy work (salsa, cheese dip, apple slices). And, of course I eat to survive. But, the quote above is true…your body reflects what you eat and don’t eat. In …

Let Me Eat Cake…Lemon Cake!

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I’ve realized that cake is consuming my life. You see, it’s my favorite dessert…and it makes me feel good. To be more specific LEMON CAKE loves me and I love it back. This leads me to my question for today: Is it bad that someone has their cake and eats it too, literally?

Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

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“Good Things” are all relative. What is good to you may not be good FOR you. However, there are a few things that are good for you AND good to you…what are we eating in our everyday lives? Processed food is everywhere. How many of your dishes include processed items?