Top 5 Stories on the Latest Technology News

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The tech industry is booming this week. There were a variety of items that appeared on the latest technology news front. Social networks are upgrading their services and offering new features. A tech company is making moves to compete with hiring firms nationwide. There were interesting articles published about the effects of social media and smartphones. Check out the latest …

Instagram updates: new face filters & actions for stories and an updated their website allowing users to ad photos from mobile browsers.

Instagram Updates: 3 Items to Step Up Your Instagram Game

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This week’s tech news focuses on recent Instagram updates. It’s been almost a year since the network changed the algorithm of the news feed. Users are getting used to the curated feeds, but still grumble for the older chronological version of photos. Since that time Instagram also added Instagram Stories, Instagram Live and stickers and longer video uploads for users’ …

This week's tech news stories include items from Mailchimp, Facebook, and the FTC.

Tech News Stories: 3 Things You Need to Know

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the Can you believe it’s almost Mother’s Day here in the United States? As people are gearing up to celebrate mom, the tech industry is making headlines. This week’s top tech news stories include updates from Mailchimp, Facebook and the FTC 😮. Check out the latest items below. Read past tech news stories >>> HERE. Tech News Stories – May …

Facebook Live | Video content is dominating the internet. Facebook Live makes it easy for users to broadcast memorable moments. However, there’s a dark side to Facebook Live.

The Curious Case of Facebook Live

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This post is part of the Tech Tuesday series. You can view more posts >> HERE. Video is everywhere on the internet. It started with YouTube in early 2005. Now people are viewing more video content than ever. Brands are using video to promote their products or services. People (regular users) are using video to share important moments of their …

Social Media News Headlines - Addicted to Fries blog

Social Media News Headlines: 5 Popular Items from Last Week

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Social media advances continue to dominate the technology industry. Facebook announces a new feature. Snapchat rolls out open Stories. Twitter promotes its influencer network and announces a change to the character count for tweets. Check out these social media news headlines and more below 👇🏾. RELATED: Read other tech industry updates Social Media News Headlines Snapchat Stories will now be …

5 Social Media Industry News Updates from Addicted to Fries

Be Informed: 5 Social Media Industry News Items You Should Know

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This week the social media industry news items focus on updates, upgrades and monetization. Snap, Inc. prepares for its initial public offering (IPO). Facebook aims to help you find a job and live stream sports games. These new features and upgrades help the networks stay relevant and top-of-mind for users these days.   Let’s get into the social media industry news …

Social networks are constantly tweaking things and testing new features. The social media industry headlines in this post are the top stories from the last week.

Social Media Industry Headlines: What Happened Last Week

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This year has been full of social media industry headlines. Several platforms are making updates and expanding services. While, one well-known network is moving into survival mode. The popularity of social media continues to grow and mature. People are becoming savvy with their use of social networks. Brands are aligning and re-configuring their presence on social media. What does this …

This week’s social media updates include headlines from Twitter, Google, Disney and Snapchat. Which social media stories caught your eye?

Social Media Updates: 5 Stories You May Have Missed

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Twitter and Snapchat were active during the holidays with several social media updates. Throughout the holidays, many businesses may have slowed down, but the social media updates kept humming. Brands used social media more than ever to promote products during the season. Influencer marketing continues to be a hot topic. Social networks are looking for ways to evolve and innovate. RELATED: Past …

This week's social media news updates include new features from Twitter and Facebook and a VR app from Google.

The Best Social Media News Updates To Read This Week

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“It’s the week before Christmas and all through the ’net social media was stirring, every platform was set. New features were ready and announced with care, In hopes that users would soon be there.” That’s all I got…my attempt at holiday poetry for this week’s edition of social media news updates. The industry continues to advance. Top social media platforms …

This week's social media industry updates include news from Snapchat, Spotify, Instagram and more.

Social Media Industry Updates: 5 Things To Know

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Millennials love Snapchat. In fact, they prefer Snapchat over talking on the phone, as shown in a recent study from LivePerson. ( The study surveyed 3,000 U.S. smartphone users ages 18 to 65. Young millennials will enjoy this week’s social media industry updates, especially the news from Snapchat. Also included in the updates are stories from Netflix, Instagram and more. Check out …