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This Week: 4 Things I Loved

A new month has started. Where has the time gone? This year is slipping away. As I think back over the last week of July, it was a busy week. Things are progressing at work. I attended the Northwest Arkansas Bloggers Meetup and met new friends. This week I was gearing up for Wordcamp Fayetteville. Have you ever attended WordCamp? …

RamonaThis Week: 4 Things I Loved

4 Catchy Songs That I Can’t Stop Singing {Music Monday}

We’ve all done it. Picture this: you’re sitting at your desk…in a corporate world…working on projects and listening to your favorite playlist on Spotify. Then a catchy song starts blaring through your earbuds and you proceed to…bust a move! For a solid 10 seconds you escape to a different place and time. <– This scenario happened to me multiple times …

Ramona4 Catchy Songs That I Can’t Stop Singing {Music Monday}
Motivation Monday

{Motivation Monday} It Hurts Because It Matters

Everyone has a story to tell. We are all wounded and living in our pain. I’ve seen several friends who are experiencing loss, a lack of motivation, sorrow and depression. I’ve read and responded to their posts on Facebook. I’ve noticed their tweets and hashtags on Twitter. I’ve felt their pain and despair. You know my name, not my story. …

Ramona{Motivation Monday} It Hurts Because It Matters
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Friday Favorites: 4 Posts I Loved This Week

This week was pretty calm. I was busy at work, but got the chance to hang out with friends a couple of nights. Personally, I increased my presence of Periscope. I did a few broadcasts this week. I purchased a car mount for my phone and worked through the nuances of setting it up correctly. On Tuesday, I attended a …

RamonaFriday Favorites: 4 Posts I Loved This Week
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National French Fries Day: 4 Recipes to Celebrate

Do you know what today is? It’s National French Fries Day! Giving that this blog is named Addicted to Fries, I consider it a holiday! If you know me, then you know my love for french fries. They are one of my comfort foods. I can eat them whenever and wherever. Here in Northwest Arkansas, I’ve found the best fries …

RamonaNational French Fries Day: 4 Recipes to Celebrate

Wordless Wednesday: Sketching

Last month I participated in a sketching challenge on Instagram. The #MakeWithMe challenge was hosted by JANINE CRUM and featured a different prompt each day. I enjoyed the challenge, and I’ve continued to sketch into July (without daily prompts). Below is a recent sketch of a tree I photographed while in the Bahamas last month. SEE ALSO: Bahamas Vacation Blog …

RamonaWordless Wednesday: Sketching
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The Weeknd: {Music Monday}

Okay. Okay. I know I’m probably late to the game. But, I’ve been listening to music by The Weeknd lately. When I first heard his name, I was slightly confused. I must admit it took me a few minutes to understand. But, the confusion stopped there. His music is new and refreshing with a touch of soul, electric funk. He …

RamonaThe Weeknd: {Music Monday}
marriage equality

Marriage Equality: How Brands Celebrated on Instagram

On Friday the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) announced their ruling on Marriage Equality. The decision by the court makes same-sex marriage legal in all states in America. The news hit social media and the world erupted. The #LoveWins hashtag was at the top of the Twitter trending list for the United States most of the day. Many people …

RamonaMarriage Equality: How Brands Celebrated on Instagram
Bahamas Airport

Bahamas: Notes From the Plane

Welp, vacation is over. I’m officially on my way back to America. Currently I’m 30,000 feet above Central Florida on my Delta flight to Atlanta. It’s a quiet flight. The biggest news is that Kandi Burruss of Bravo TV fame decided to share the flight. She’s in first class as expected, along with Todd Tucker (her husband) and Mama Joyce …

RamonaBahamas: Notes From the Plane

Bahamas: Downtown Nassau Adventure 

Can you believe it?! I finally left the resort. The group ventured to Downtown Nassau for a few hours to shop and “see some world.” I rode the Bahamas Public Transportation Bus. The fare was $1.25 from the hotel to the downtown main area. The flea market was overwhelming as most of them are. All kinds of tchotchkes to see …

RamonaBahamas: Downtown Nassau Adventure