5 Steps to Rock Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing: 5 Steps to Improve Your Efforts

As a blogger or content creator, Facebook Marketing cannot be ignored. It’s the largest social network with the most detailed options for targeting and expanding the reach of your content. Facebook has over 1 BILLION users worldwide and over 150 million users in the United States, according to a fact sheet released by the social media network. Each day users are sharing more and consuming more content using the Facebook mobile app (preferred over desktop). Photos and videos dominate the mobile news feed on the network.


Think about your own activity on Facebook. How much time are you and your friends spending thumbing through your news feeds? Having a presence on Facebook should be part of your social media marketing tactics for your site or business. With new improvements, Facebook Marketing for bloggers has additional features and choices to explore.

5 Ways to Rock Your Facebook Marketing

Here are 5 ways to maximize your time and effort on Facebook Marketing as a blogger…

1. Maximize Your Facebook Business/Brand Page.

At the minimum, you should have a Facebook Page for your blog or site. It takes five minutes to create and opens a world of alternatives for you as a blog/brand. Facebook Pages allow you to publish updates and share your content along with content from others. You can promote your content easily with a Facebook page. Remember: starting a page also means committing to publishing content on a consistent basis.

Ways Get More Fans for Your Page:

  • Personally invite your friends and family to “like” your Page.
  • Include a link to your Page on your blog and website. Facebook offers easy options to add to your blog.
  • Cross-promote your Facebook Page on other social networks. Tweet a link weekly to your Facebook Page and invite your Twitter followers to connect on Facebook.
  • Share a screen capture or quote on Instagram and encourage people to click the link in your bio (be sure to update the link in your bio to your Facebook Page).
  • Create a Pinterest image that drives traffic to your Facebook Page and add it to your board on Pinterest.

Facebook is your friend. Use your time and effort wisely with these 5 steps.


2. Join Facebook Groups and Participate.

Facebook Groups are a well-kept secret to maximizing efforts on the platform. Groups have been around for several years. They are essentially a community of like-minded individuals who share and interact in a private (or public) space on Facebook. As bloggers, joining Facebook Groups is a great way to meet other  bloggers, learn from them on a continual basis and collaborate with other content creators.  Check out the following groups, you may be surprised what you might find:

Groups are often tied to webinars or courses that you enroll in or purchase. Online course instructors are using private Facebook groups as an added benefit for their students. The communities [in these course-specific groups] are awesome. Everyone is working on the same project or self-paced course. The members ask questions, seek advice and get feedback on “homework assignments” and more.

There are groups for blogging niches and challenges that you participate in throughout the year. Currently, I am participating in the #BloggingGroove Challenge hosted by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger. The challenge runs for seven days and challenges bloggers to get their blogging groove back and create regular content.

3. Start a Facebook Group.

The next best thing to joining a Facebook group…is CREATING a Facebook group! If you’ve searched for your ideal group [of bloggers or content creators] and couldn’t find it…start one of your own. There are benefits to starting a community that targets those in your target audience. Caitlin Bacher recently wrote about 3 reasons you need to host a Facebook group. Understand that hosting a group can be extra effort of posting and monitoring the activity in the group. However, it can be very rewarding as well.

Click HERE to access the your Facebook Marketing Success Worksheet complete with tips and action steps to creating a better presence on Facebook.

4. Two words: Facebook Live.

Live streaming is taking over Facebook news feeds. Video is great content. It’s a known fact the Facebook algorithm favors video content. Facebook Live is a great option to interact with your fans and community. You can start a “Live” session on your page or in a group. Taylor Bradford of the Boss Girl Creative Group conducts weekly Facebook Live Sessions in her group. Afton Negrea often uses Facebook Live in the Social Proof Collective group. The FB Live sessions are useful and provide additional value to group members. Have you watched a Facebook Live session? What did you think? How much did you enjoy it?

5. Consider Facebook ads to reach new readers.

Yes, Facebook ads are a viable way to increase your reach and engagement for your content. Ads can also drive traffic to your website and help grow your email list. The good news is that you don’t have to spend much to get started. You can create campaigns for as little as $5. Your ad campaigns can be small and quick or larger and more complex. Facebook offers options for deeper targeting based on interest as well as a user’s activity on your website. For more information or to get started with Facebook Ads, click here.

Think beyond your Facebook Page. #Bloggers have a variety of options. #bloggingtips Click To Tweet

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. You can’t ignore it as a content creator or blogger. Your audience is hanging out there. Creating a Facebook page is only the first step. The genius of Facebook is the multitude of options for content, engagement and reaching new audiences. Being active on Facebook is mandatory. Being smart and strategic about your efforts and actions will provide positive results for your site or business. Find what works best for you and your target audience and…just do it!

What do you think? Did I leave out your favorite Facebook group above? Have you run a Facebook Ad campaign? What is your best Facebook marketing tip? Share your thoughts and experience in the comment section below.

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