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Friday Faves: 4 Things I Loved This Week

Whew! The first week in August was busy for me. I attended a couple of events this week. I watched more broadcasts on Periscope. I also streamed my own broadcasts. Are you on Periscope? It’s one of my favorite networks.

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Maybe you’re looking for useful information. Maybe you’re inspired to sketch this month. Maybe you’re looking for ways to be a better blogger. Guess what? The Friday Faves listed below will lift your spirits, motivate you to take action and be better.

Here’s what I loved this week…

1. FAVORITE WEBINAR | #BlogBetter by Mattieologie

Mattie continues to drop wisdom and great information. She is giving value to the blogging masses. In her #BlogBetter webinar she discussed the 5 mistakes you’re making as a blogger. She then explained 5 solutions to help improve your blog and grow your revenue.

2. FAVORITE CHALLENGE | #MakeWithMe by Janine Crum

I am participating in the August sketching challenge hosted by Janine Crum. Sketching empowers me to be creative. It allows me to think of things in a different way. Are you an artist? Do you like to draw? You can learn more about the challenge >> HERE

friday faves
 sketches by Ramona Collins, showcased on Instagram

3. Favorite Periscope Broadcast | Worship with Brandon Holt

Brandon Holt is anointed! I heard about his nightly worship broadcast from Scott Williams. I watched for the first time this week. I was amazed at his voice and couldn’t stop watching. Brandon has a heavenly voice and sings all the popular gospel and inspirational songs. Viewers can make requests. I’ve seen people requesting prayer and testifying [in the comments/chat section]. It’s a really nice experience. You can follow Brandon on Twitter >> HERE. He tweets out links to his broadcasts. 

friday faves
photo courtesy of Brandon Holt on Instagram

4. Favorite New App | Rhonna Designs

I downloaded this app at Wordcamp Fayetteville last weekend. Many of my blogging friends have talked about how much they like it. With Rhonna Designs app you can create images with layers text and more. I’ve used it once and look forward to using it again. You can learn more >> HERE.

What are your Friday Faves things this week?

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RamonaFriday Faves: 4 Things I Loved This Week

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  2. Tiffany

    I absolutely love the sketch challenge. It seems like so much fun. I am officially following Brandon Holt…I had no idea that was even on periscope. Love it. Oh and Rhonna Designs is one of my all time fave apps…perfect for quick on-th-go images.

    1. Post

      Tiffany, thanks for the comment. I am really enjoying the sketch challenge. So much so, that I purchased new art supplies yesterday. You will love Brandon Holt. He is amazing. He sounds like Fred Hammond. I’m still working my way through Rhonna Designs, but I’m positive it will become a staple in my “toolbox.”

  3. Reginia Cordell

    Oh wow! I’m from Little Rock as well. You look very familiar. I think you may be lived near me as kids and went to school with my sister.

    Mattie has a lot of good information. You should also check out her sister and another guru < tons of good information.

    1. Post

      Reginia, wow. It’s great to see a fellow Little Rock native. We must connect to see how our paths have crossed over the years. Girl, I love Regina…Love, LOVE her. Maya Elious is great as well. I found Mattie and Maya through Periscope. I’ve been a follower of Regina since last fall.

      Let’s definitely talk about Little Rock soon!

    1. Post
  4. Amy A

    I love the idea of Periscope but just haven’t spent enough time on it yet.. I’m sure I could find some fun things if I poked around!

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