Friday Faves: 5 Tips to Get Organized + 1 Entertaining Video Clip from New Year’s Eve

I rung in the new year with friends and family. Truth be told, my New Year’s Eve was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. It was fun, entertaining and definitely enjoyable. Time is NOT slowing down. This week has been busy and a learning experience. Check out my 5 Friday Faves from this week, and enjoy a fun clip from the CNN New Year’s Eve broadcast.

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Friday Faves – January 6, 2017

This week my <strong>Friday Faves</strong> focus on better blogging. Check out 5 tips to organize your blog + 1 item to entertain you.
1…Epic Guide to Creating Social Media Visuals>>>

Because we all want epic visuals for our social media updates. This article from HootSuite provides tips and tricks to up your visual game.

2…23 Types of Audio, Video, and Other Media You Can Add to Your Course (or Blog) to Make it Event More Epic>>>

I love Regina! She shares great information and knows her stuff! Check her out. You won’t be disappointed.

3…How to Use Your Cover Photo to Grow Your List on Facebook>>>

I found this post through a quick Twitter search. Check out these useful tips on leveraging your Facebook Cover image to grow your list.

These 5 {Friday Faves} will help organize your blog + 1 item to entertain you. Click To Tweet
4…5 Tips for Blogging>>>

I found this post on Twitter this week. I like the visuals and helpful information shared. I think you’ll like it too.

5…Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal>>>

I plan to use this journal to help with my bullet journaling this year. I’m committing to being better with my bullet journal.

Bonus…Don Lemon gets entirely “LIT” on live television

Somebody, get Don Lemon! Those Bourbon shots got him on Cloud 99! Watching him on New Year’s Eve gave me LIFE everlasting. His motto that night, “Turn Down For What?!” You know you’re “lit” when you get your ear pierced on live television. #JustSaying

Check out the video >>> HERE.

Friday Faves-5 tips to organize your blog + 1 item to entertain you

photo from YouTube video by LiveStreamTVNews

“People are saying that I’m “Lit” – yeah, I’m Lit. Who cares.” ~Don Lemon on New Year’s Eve, live on CNN.

I’m always looking to improve and learn new things. Let this be the year that we [as bloggers] vow to move beyond the norm and stretch our creativity to new heights. The above Friday Faves tips and tricks will help us get started. Whether you want to elevate your visuals or take your writing to the next level, set your goals and work ferociously to make them happen. Have a great 2017!

What items did you enjoy this week? What are your favorite organization tools and tips? Let me know in the comments below.

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RamonaFriday Faves: 5 Tips to Get Organized + 1 Entertaining Video Clip from New Year’s Eve

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