Interview Series: Talk Thursday with Karen Banes

Interview Series: Talk Thursday with Karen Banes

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Welcome to the new year! This year is off to a great start for me. Have you started executing your business or blog plan, or are you still planning? I’m kind of doing both. Which social media networks will you focus on for 2018? In this edition of the Talk, Thursday interview series, content creator and content marketing specialist Karen Banes shares her knowledge and advice for online success. Be sure to check out her book recommendations at the bottom of the post. Now, let’s get on with this week’s interview…


Interview Series: Talk Thursday with Karen BanesThis week, Karen shares details on how she uses social media. I met Karen through a Facebook Group that we both belong to. I love her blog, TheSavvySolopreneur, and found great information on her site. I’m excited to have her as part of the interview series. You’re sure to find nuggets of interest in what she shares.


Let’s meet Karen!



Interview Series – Karen

A2F: How has social media impacted your life – personally and professionally?
Karen: Social media has allowed me to grow my business, find new clients, and connect with amazing people working in my industry, while being completely location independent. During the last ten years, I’ve lived in Spain, Canada, and the UK, traveled throughout the US, and visited Australia and New Zealand.


I’ve been able to keep my business running, and homeschool my two children (often while traveling with them). I’ve developed this digital nomad lifestyle through working online, and social media is a big part of that. Plus, on a personal level, it’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family while you’re on the road.

Talk Thursday interview series

A2F: What is your favorite social media network, and why?
Karen: It depends on my objectives. Twitter is my favorite purely for driving traffic to my blogs and websites, but it’s tricky to get right. I wrote my ebook Tweeting For A Reason, to help bloggers and online marketers figure it all out.


Facebook is much more personal and where I’ve made the strongest connections, mainly through groups and challenges. I truly believe that the best network for you is the one you enjoy and find easy to use. That’s where you’ll put the time in and build the most authentic connections.

Karen Banes

Karen is passionate about helping other solopreneurs achieve time freedom and financial security.

A2F: Social media is a common platform to market businesses and services, what other ways are you using social media for your business, site or blog?
Karen: As a content creator and content marketer I use social media to drive traffic to my own content, and that or my clients. A lot of blog traffic comes from social media, as does traffic to free opt-ins, webinars and challenges. I try to avoid posting links directly to sales pages on social media. People are there to be social, not to be sold to. But they are happy to be directed to free content from social, which is where your relationship with them starts.


A2F: Which social network have you been slow to adopt or use? Why have you been hesitant?
Karen: Instagram baffled me for a long time. It’s hard to send traffic to other content from individual posts, as you can on Twitter and other networks. And it doesn’t seem to start long conversations and encourage deep connections like Facebook does. I’ve finally decided to give it a try and just have fun with it, and learning more about it is on my list of things to achieve this year.
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A2F: Thinking about blogging and/or social media, share one of your highlights or accomplishments? What made it special?
Karen: My ebook Free Tools For Writers, Bloggers and Solopreneurs became an Amazon bestseller in its category, and has sold thousands of copies. It now has over 100 reviews from readers (mostly) saying how much it’s helped them with running their blog or online business. The idea that so many people are reading my book and finding ways to run their online businesses efficiently makes it really special.


A2F: For those in blogging and business, what business or marketing major advice would you share with the Addicted to Fries readers?
Karen: It’s not about you. Focus on your clients, customers, readers or subscribers. Create every product, service, and piece of content with their needs, desires, and problems in mind. Focus on serving people and providing something that is insanely useful to them. You can actually make a ton of sales without selling if you just attract the right audience and then create things they desperately want or need.
It’s not about you. Focus on your clients, customers, readers or subscribers.


A2F: Which 3 books would you recommend for online business owners, marketing professionals or entrepreneurs, and why?
Karen: There are so many. The three books that are always at my bedside are The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma, The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, and The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran. I dip in and out of them a lot.



More About Karen: 

Karen is a freelance content creator & content marketing specialist, the author of The Savvy Solopreneur ebook series and the founder of She has been working online for around 10 years now, and she’s passionate about helping other solopreneurs achieve time freedom and financial security.


Follow Karen:


The latest edition of the Talk Thursday interview series features Karen Banes, a content creator and content marketer. Read her tips on marketing your business with social media.

That’s it for this edition of the interview series. Thanks, Karen. Your story is inspiring. I’m sure the readers will find useful advice. I agree that focusing on your customer is important. Creating content they need and want is a major key ?.

What do you think? Do you agree with Karen’s advice? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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  1. Victoria Heckstall

    This was a great interview. I’m also a fan of Twitter and Instagram has to be my least favorite. One of my goals this year is to get in the habit of doing more photos as I find it does increase my engagement when I use my own photos that give my audience a peek into my life.

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  2. Joanna

    The best network for you is the one you enjoy and find easy to use. – I love this. These are really good tips. I’m going to look into those book recommendations. I agree, people want information w/o be in sold to. I’m trying my best to understand twitter and I love Instagram.

    1. Post
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  3. Natasha

    Blogs as a business definitely isn’t about us, and that’s hard to accept when you feel that your blog is such a personal extension of you. Great interview!

    1. Post
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  4. Terri

    This was a great interview. Right now I seem to be focusing on Instagram. However, it’s really interesting trying to find what works for me. My site of choice was Twitter, but it seems Twitter has lost a lot of steam.

    1. Post
  5. EG III

    Like Karen, I too, have struggled with instagram. It’s kind of like learning on the fly..but I persist. I love her book suggestions also. I’m putting them all into my reading rotation!

    1. Post
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  6. Ola

    Twitter is my least favorite SM channel. I probably need to invest in her ebook about Tweeting to get the hang of it.

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  7. Tomiko

    Great Interview! We have to realize not every SM outlet is going to be for you.. I couldn’t get with Snapchat to save my life and it was stressing me so much and finally realized if it was causing this much stress it was ok to let it go and I never looked back.

  8. Crystal Nicole

    I loved this interview! I think the most critical thing that was touched on was audience. You have to know what they need and solve their problems in order to be successful.

  9. Jay Colby

    This was a great interview so many great valuable nuggets in this conversation. I love the part when Karen said “attract the right audience and then create things they desperately want or need.”

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