Latest Interview | Talk Thursday Interview Series | Brittany Reese of BTR Productions

Latest Interview: Talk Thursday with Brittany Reese

This post is part of the Talk Thursday interview series. Read past interview posts >>> HERE.

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School’s out, or almost out in most of the country. Kids are packing for summer camp and enjoying the weather. Meanwhile, business continues to boom, and the latest interview in the Talk Thursday series is ready for consumption. Once again, people loved the book suggestions from last week. Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office was a favorite! Continue to check back each Thursday for new interviews. I am happy to feature successful online business owners sharing their insight and experience with social media & more. Now, let’s get on with the latest interview…

Latest Interview | Talk Thursday Interview Series | Brittany Reese of BTR Productions

This week, Brittany Reese share her story and insight. I’ve met Brittany through a blogging group on Facebook. I asked a question and she responded. Since that time we’ve chatted periodically on social media and interacted with each other on our accounts. Her website, BTR Productions, is cool. She provides a variety of information and showcases her expertise. I like what she’s doing and look forward to collaborating with her more in the future. She wrote a book, y’all! More on that later…


Latest interview | Talk Thursday Interview Series | Brittany Reese of BTR Productions

Latest interview: Brittany Reese

A2F: How has social media impacted your life – personally and professionally?
Brittany: Social media has provided me with a platform to express myself through visuals and written word. It has helped me professionally because social media is passion of mine. I have connect with wonderful people, taught sessions on the importance of social media branding and constantly research new features of social media networks for myself and for clients.

A2F: What is your favorite social media network, and why?
Brittany: My favorite social media network is Periscope because I can watch scopes on news, tips on relaxation, and virtually any subject that I want to see. I also like that I can watch and or make scope directly from Twitter. It combines the best of both worlds.

A2F: Social media is a common platform to market businesses and services, what other ways are you using social media for your business, site or blog?
Brittany: I use social media as a research base. I am constantly searching hashtags, reading articles, saving tips, commenting on post, and more to discover what works best for my business and clients. I look at social media as the ultimate virtual playground and library; There is always something fun and interesting to learn from each network.

Brittany Reese

Brittany, known as “The Social Media Maven” uses her social media marketing and brand management skills to help her clients remain consistently relevant.

A2F: Which social network have you been slow to adopt or use? Why have you been hesitant?
Brittany: Snapchat is one that I have been slow to use. I have a Snapchat, but have been waiting on a few features to reach all users before using it more.

A2F: Thinking about blogging and/or social media, share one of your highlights or accomplishments? What made it special?
Brittany: Publishing my first eBook, “The Power of Social Media Magic: How it Can Enhance Your Brand,” in May was very special to me. I launched it online and at my second writer’s conference speaking engagement, Read Write Share Writers Weekend 2017. Writing this eBook not only made me an author, but it allowed me to put together a product that helps others understand how important social media is to the branding process.

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A2F: For those in blogging and business, what business or marketing major advice would you share with the Addicted to Fries readers?
Brittany: Keep writing and keep sharing. Even when you don’t think anyone is reading or listening keep working at your craft. People will see your hard work approach you about opportunities to share your gift and or purchase your products/services. Having this interview itself, is a product of being seen on social media and also from the value of my journey and work shining through social media news feeds.

I look at social media as the ultimate virtual playground and library.

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A2F: Which 3 books would your recommend for online business owners, marketing professionals or entrepreneurs, and why?

1. Autobiographies and memoirs of industry leaders. In these books, readers truly get to see what each entrepreneur went through to become successful in their field. The advice on life and business makes this type of writing essential to the growth of business owners, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs.

2. Emotional Branding: The New Paradigm for Connecting Brands to People by Marc Globe. This book truly explores what it takes to go beyond just selling to people and truly integrating the culture of a brand into their lives.

3. My ebook “The Power of Social Media Magic: How Social Media Can Enhance Your Brand”. Readers explore how changing the relationship with social media can potentially improve personal brands, (such as authors and other public figures) entice people to purchase books, and provide tips on developing a better understanding of social media for small businesses. Readers also receive a 45 minute social media branding consultation with myself and a 7 day social media calendar to guide them through their social media journey.

eBook: The Power of Social Media Magic by Brittany Reese

More about Brittany:

Brittany Reese is the founder, creator, and visionary of BTR Productions. She creates magical social media plans and eye-popping content. Brittany, known as “The Social Media Maven” uses her social media marketing and brand management skills to help her clients remain consistently relevant.

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There you have it for the latest interview. Thanks, Brittany,  for being part of the series. I love your insight and passion. I’m sure the A2F readers will learn from you. I look forward to collaborating again in the future.

What do you think? Do you agree with Brittany’s insight? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Latest interview | Talk Thursday Interview Series | Brittany Reese of BTR Productions


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RamonaLatest Interview: Talk Thursday with Brittany Reese

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  1. Kasi

    This is a great interview, I definitely will be using these tips! Social media is so golden as a blogger, I’m always trying to figure out how to utilize it more.

    1. Brittany Reese

      Wonderful Kasi! I am delighted that you will be using my tips! With all of the changes in social media in the past few months, I am sure you will discover even more delightful ways to use social media to enhance the presence of your blog.

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  2. Britney

    Social media has become a necessity for any and all business owners. I haven’t utilized my Snapchat app much either. There are so many different outlets that I can barely keep up with regular updates.

    1. Brittany Reese

      Right, it expands our “playground”. I will be research Snapchat more to see if their latest features entice me for use for my own business or my clients. Yes the updates happen so quickly! Sometimea the app or program itself doesn’t reveal the changes or very little information. I find that articles reveal so much information, so that I can look at updates from the company and consumer outlook.

    2. Post
  3. Mimi Green

    Social media is a part of life, especially as a business owner. “I look at social media as the ultimate virtual playground and library.” I love this right here.

    1. Brittany Reese

      Mimi, yes it what gets our messages to the masses. When I think about all of the wonderful connections I made online, I embrace social media even more. Connections such as Ramona and gaining clients outside of my physical reach make social media worth it. Every day I learn something new about the power of story telling virtually and fun ways to create post. It does take time and research, but it also is fun to test out new apps, etc.

    2. Post
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  4. Tryphena Wade

    This is a great interview. Love it or hate it, social media is definitely a part of our lives. It’s important to learn how to use it to move forward rather than just getting stuck, wasting time. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Post
  5. EG III

    It’s definitely awesome to see that she’s published a book about the power that social media has had. As we’re truly in a digital age, readers across all demographics can relate to a book of that nature. I’ll have to check out periscope….I haven’t gotten into it at all but I’m curious about that platform.

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