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Latest Pop Culture Headlines: 5 Items to Know

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This was a busy week in the world. We saw the landfall of Hurricane Nate on the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts. Meanwhile, the Harvey Weinstein controversy continued to grow with more women stepping forward with their experiences with the Hollywood producer. Elsewhere, people are still debating the flag / anthem protests in the NFL and Eminem went H.A.M. on President #45 in a freestyle rap at the BET Hip Hop Awards. The fall TV season is underway and shows have already been cancelled. Here are the latest pop culture headlines from entertainment, media and more.

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Latest Pop Culture Headlines

1…Tracee Ellis Ross Announces Partnership with JCPenney {TV One}

The ‘Black-ish’ star announced this week that she is partnering with retailer JCPenney to offer a clothing line for “every body.” The fashion line available exclusively at JCPenney launches November 12…in time for the holiday season and holiday parties. I’m excited about this line. This is a win-win for Ross and JCP. I love her style and look forward to seeing what she has to offer for the curvy bodies. Will you check out her fashion offerings?

Full article from TV One

2…Jemele Hill is suspended from ESPN for two weeks and co-host Michael Smith will reportedly sit out as well {Bleacher Report}

ESPN suspended anchor Jemele Hill on Monday for new social media comments, this time referring to the NFL protest situation. The controversial sportscaster will sit out for two weeks. Shortly after the suspension announcement her co-host Michael Smith announced that he will also sit out the two weeks with Hill as a sign of support. It’s nice to see him supporting her. They stand united!

Full article from Bleacher Report

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3…JT Brown becomes the first NHL Player to protest the during the National Anthem this season {Huffington Post Black Voices}

JT Brown stood with a raised fist in protest during the national anthem at the recent Tampa Bay Lightning game against the Florida Panthers. Brown is one of 30 black players in the NHL. Protests from black athletes is not going away. Players see this as a platform to bring awareness to injustice. They will continue to kneel, raise their fists or stay in the locker rooms until a change in society happens.

Full article from Huffington Post Black Voices

4…These TV Shows were cancelled this week. 

The fall season started less than a month ago and shows are already being cancelled. This list contains the latest shows to be axed by their networks.

The hashtag I’ll be using is . Shout out sistas that are doing the damn thing. ~April Reign

5…Twitter Users Amplify Women of Color with #WOCAffirmation {NBC News}

Friday October 13, there was a Twitter ‘Boycott’ in response to Rose McGowan’s account being suspended amid tweets about the Harvey Weinstein scandal. However, some Twitter users took the day to amplify the accomplishments of women of color. The #WOCAffirmation hashtag was a top trend worldwide at the writing of this post. April Reign, of #OscarsSoWhite fame, urged her 100k followers to tweet her about women of color who are doing big things. She retweeted hundreds of tweets to spread awareness.

Full article from NBC News

The #WOCAffirmation hashtag is the best thing this week. Check it out and RT the excellence!

Elsewhere in Pop Culture:

▶︎ Derek Jeter made history in Major League Baseball by becoming the first black CEO of an MLB team. {TV One}

▶ Jussie Smollet set to play Langston Hughes in full biopic movie. {Shadow and Act}

▶ Meet the black couple hosting HGTV’s ‘Flip or Flop Fort Worth’ {Shadow and Act}

The latest pop culture headlines include news from ESPN, Tracee Ellis Ross, Twitter, and more. Check out the latest news now.


Which of the latest pop culture headlines did you follow this week? Did I miss anything? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Comments 21

  1. Eva

    I can’t believe Being Mary Jane will be gone. There’s so much more for the show to say! I want to see her as a mom balancing everything – getting advice on parenting from Neicy! I couldn’t get started with the current season of Survivors remorse. I was into it, but this season is kinda blah. I can see it getting the boot.

    1. Post
  2. Terri

    I don’t think enjoyed reading Twitter more on any other day. That hashtag gave me life. It was so inspiring and amazing to see WOC being noticed.

    1. Post
  3. Candice

    Ok now I feel like I’m not so old. I stay on top of pop culture more than I thought. I knew about all of these except I wasn’t aware of where the #WOCAffirmation hashtag originated from or what it mean until your post. Thanks!

    1. Post
  4. Kita

    Well thanks for updating me on what’s going out here. I am totally here for the #WOCAffirmation hashtag. So necessary.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  5. Tiffany H.

    I know some people don’t like Mary Jane but I actually liked the show, sad to that go. Thanks for telling me about Jenell, I kept hearing the name but I didnt know what was going on. What exactly did she say? Glad to see her co-host supporting her during this time.

    1. Post

      Thanks fir the comment, Tiffany. Jemele first called the president a white supremacist a few weeks ago. Then she made additional comments about an NFL boycott which led to her suspension.

    1. Post
  6. Mimi Green

    I love Tracee Ellis Ross and I’m here for that hot pink sequin dress in her JCP collection.

    I was sad to see Survivor’s Remorse cancelled. I like that show.

    They need to give Jemele her job back. 45 has zero scruples about what he post but they want to sensor her… oh!

    The most protected person in the world is a white man so Harvey will bounce back within any real issues. Apparently harassment is built in his contact.

    1. Post
  7. Janelle

    Yea, I agree. SUCKS seeing such awesome shows being canceled. I LOVE sitcoms and comedy. Reality TV has taken over now and sitcoms are gone! They try to make a comeback but gets canceled just as fast as they start.

    1. Post

      Janelle, you are correct. Reality TV is dominating the airwaves. Let’s hope the stellar scripted shows this season get picked up for next year.

    1. Post

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