Pop culture rewind - Addicted to Fries - Check out the top pop culture stories from this week.

Pop Culture Rewind: Top Headlines This Week

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While the world adjusts to a new world order, American pop culture continues to make headlines. Top stories made news in the television and film industries. TGIT (Thank Goodness It’s Thursday) TV lineup returned to ABC with the premiere of Season 6 of Scandal and winter premieres of Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder. Elsewhere, fans of New Edition waited with bated breath for the premier of the R&B group’s biography.

Below are my top pop culture moments from this week.

Pop culture rewind - Addicted to Fries - Check out my top pop culture moments from this week.

Pop Culture Headlines – January 29, 2017

1…The New Edition Story | BET >>>

BET premiered The New Edition Story this week. The three-part mini-series told the story of the group from their beginning in Boston to the breakup and ultimate reunion. You can read more about the story on BET.com >>> HERE.


Biopics of late have drawn harsh criticism from fans (i.e. Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart” and TLC’s “CrazySexyCool). This is why I approached The New Edition Story with caution. However, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised at the story and the portrayal of the group. BET Network – you did that! The casting was on point. The story provided details and a better understanding on the making of the group and its ultimate breakdown. Main points I got from the series:


  • Ralph was a loyalist. He stayed loyal to the group and the members throughout. 
  • Mike Bivins was the businessman. He learned the music industry and leveraged it to his advantage. 
  • Bobby was the Bad Boy, but we knew that. 
  • Ronnie was the…dancer. 
  • Ricky Bell had his share of struggles which surprised many (as I noticed on Twitter). 
  • Johnny Gill can SING! 

The mini-series is a must see for those who came of age in the 90’s. Did you see it? What did you think?


2…Oscar Nominations | Entertainment Weekly >>>

The academy award nominations were announced this week during a live-streamed event filmed in six cities around the world. The telecast, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, will air  Sunday, February 26 live on ABC.

This year the Oscars are NOT #SoWhite. There’s a record six black actors nominated. It’s good to see diverse actors and films receive the year’s biggest recognition. La La Land got the most nominations – no surprise. Other notables:

  • Viola Davis became the first African-American actress to receive three Oscar nominations with her nomination for Supporting Actress for her role Fences.  Her prior nominations include, 2009 for her supporting work in Doubt, and 2012 for her leading role in The Help.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda is nominated for Best Original Song for “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. If he wins, he will be the youngest person in history to win the coveted EGOT – Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony awards.
  • Taraji P. Henson was snubbed and not nominated for her stellar performance in Hidden Figures.

Will you watch the Oscars? Who would you like to see win this year?

3…Real Housewives of Orange County Cast Shake-Up. Heather Dubrow will not return next season>>>

Heather Dubrow announces she will leave the Real Housewives of Orange County. After five seasons, the decision did not come easy, she told ET. You can read more about her decision >>> HERE.

“I felt like I was at a tipping point, and just…it was time. But, it’s all positive and I wish them all the best,” Heather Dubrow to ETonline.com
It’s official. Heather, along with her “Champs” (short for champagne) is leaving the OC. She has decided to move on to other things. I was a pseudo-fan of Heather’s during her time on the show. I liked her as an addition to the cast when she joined. However, I sensed a change in her last season. I think it’s time for her to depart. Her life is expanding beyond the show and that circle of friends. I wish her the best. Will you miss Heather on the RHOC? 

4…Today is Oprah’s Birthday>>>

Oprah Winfrey celebrates her 63rd birthday today, January 29. She was in our area earlier this month. I didn’t get to see her, but several of my friends attended the event. Here’s to Oprah on her special day!

Happy 63rd birthday, #Oprah! (Photo credit: John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images)

A photo posted by Us Weekly (@usweekly) on

5…Screen Actors Guild Awards air tonight>>>

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are airing tonight on TNT. The awards are known for honoring individual and ensemble performances for film and television. You can read more about the awards and nominees >>> HERE.


While this week as been wild around the world, there were several interesting pop culture headlines as well. From award nomination announcements to actual award shows; from casting shake-ups to casting home-runs with The New Edition Story, the week was pretty eventful. What did I miss? Which pop culture stories caught your eye?


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  1. Holly

    I liked the New Edition Story. I made sure to toon in on time. They did a great job. A friend of mine was in it and he did a great job.

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  2. Tiffany H.

    I loved the New Edition movie, didn’t like that it was over 3 days, but i guess it did keep me coming back for me. I’m young and didn’t know Johnny Gill was apart of new edition. The songs brought make memories. I enjoyed the movie because its a lot of things I didn;t know about the group.

    I’m glad that our People are being recognized for there talents and are winning awards.

    Happy Birthday Ms. Winfrey

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  3. Kiwi

    And right after you posted this, the most explosive news of 2017 is Beyonce’s twins!!!! I know you will cover that next week she broke the internet with that one!

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  4. T. Espinoza

    I’m clearly gonna have to find time to watch the New Edition story. It was all over my timeline but I didn’t tune in.

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  5. Joyce Brewer

    I thought the New Edition movie was wonderfully produced.
    Thanks to DVR I was able to watch it without commercials. I heard a lot of complaints about all the ads from people who watched it live. But I understand BET’s need to make it a financial AND ratings success.

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    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment, L.C. BET raised the bar when it comes to biopics. I hope they do more in the future with the same tenacity and caliber of the NE story.

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