This roundup post showcases five things that I loved this week, including a playlist, podcast, blog tips and more.

Roundup Post: 5 Things I Loved This Week

OMG. It’s the week before Thanksgiving! “Black Friday” sales have already started. The nation is still coming to grips with the election last week. It’s been a busy week. In this roundup post I found five fun items for my Friday Favorites. Check out the link love below.

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This roundup post showcases five things that I loved this week, including a playlist, podcast, blog tips and more.

5 Things I Loved This Week

1…Podcast to Check Out: Side Hustle Pro >>>

I found this podcast through Twitter. There are several interesting episodes. My favorite is the one with Luvvie Ajayi. Check out the podcast >>> HERE.

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2…Quirky Creatives to Follow This Week >>>

I found this article on Twitter as well. This week’s list of creatives were totally new to me. I was only familiar with one person listed. It’s always good to see the work of others. This can be motivating and inspiring. See the full list of creatives >>> HERE.

3…Aux Cord Chronicles VII: The Cuffing Season Project >>>

It’s cuffing season! If you are unfamiliar with this term. Here’s a friendly definition from This playlist from will help you survive the cold nights. Check it out >>> HERE.

4…How Much Content Should Go in a Blog Post >>>

Maya Elious is on-point with this blog post. I’m starting to take a deep-dive into my content and gear up for 2017. I bookmarked this post for current and future reference. Thanks, Maya. You can check out her content post >>> HERE.
Katherine’s the gal for that. She can handle any numbers you put in front of her.Dorothy Vaughn (played by Octavia Spencer) in Hidden Figures

5…Pepsi-Co and Fox’s “Hidden Figures” Announce Contest >>>

“Hidden Figures,” the movie, tells the story of three brilliant African-American women working for NASA and serving as the brains behind the launch of John Glenn into orbit. The Search for Hidden Figures contest is designed to find the next generation of women who will lead the way in STEM. If you are a female with STEM talent, you can learn more about the contest and enter>>> HERE.

Learn more about the movie >>> HERE.

Watch the Hidden Figures trailer >>> HERE or below.

What do you think? What would you add? Let me know what caught your eye this week. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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RamonaRoundup Post: 5 Things I Loved This Week

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