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3 Timeless Leadership Lessons from So Cosmo, Episode 2

[WARNING: This post contains spoilers from recent So Cosmo episodes]

So Cosmo, E!’s newest reality show, is off to a great start. The first episode had important business lesson. Episode 2 shares timeless leadership lessons. In the premiere episode, the Cosmopolitan staff was introduced. We met Evan, the new fitness contributor (known on social media as #FitnessBae). We learned that Joanna Coles (Editor-in-Chief) was leaving the magazine for a new position with the Hearst Company. I share three important business lessons from the first episode >>> HERE.

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In this week’s episode, the staff is informed that Michelle Promaulayko is the new editor-in-chief (EIC) of Cosmopolitan. She comes from Women’s Health and has a wealth of knowledge and experience, including a prior stint at Cosmo.

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Leadership Lessons

1…New Bosses Happen.

Joanna provides quick tips on adapting to the new leadership. She explains that “the only thing you can do is enjoy the process of the work, do it to the best of your ability and give them as much support as you can.”

Big new future. -Joanna Coles

Lesson: Change in the workplace is inevitable. You have two choices – support it or update your Linkedin and get busy looking for a new gig. 

2…Don’t let something that is outside of your control disrupt your workflow.

New leadership can cause anxiety and nervousness. As an employee, you can’t let things that you don’t control disrupt your work routine and production. In the publishing business, no one is ever safe. In this episode, Leah is questioning her future at the magazine. She suggests that you take action to protect yourself before anything drastic “goes down.”

Lesson: When leadership changes, take time to assess where you are. Determine what’s best for your future. And, proceed with an open mind. 

In the end, Leah decides to stay with Cosmo and do the best job she can to prove her value to the new EIC.

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3 Timeless Leadership Lessons from So Cosmo, Episode 2 | Addicted to Fries

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In @SoCosmoOnE Episode 2, @JoannaColes shares 3 timeless Leadership Lessons. Click To Tweet

3…The more successful a woman is the less likable she is perceived to be.

Joanna shared this tidbit with Tiffany in a chit-chat at the Hearst Building when Tiffany reached out [to Joanna] for advice. Earlier in the episode, Tiffany received feedback that her management style is being perceived as aggressive. Joanna also shared tips for Tiffany on leading her fashion staff:
  • Be firm and be clear.
  • You don’t need to be their friend.
  • Just be kind.

Lesson: Bosses set the tone and working style for their direct reports. It’s important to be seen as a resourceful leader and not an overbearing maniac who’s only concern is demanding that all clothes are hung on clear plastic hangers in the Fashion Closet (watch the episode, you’ll understand). 

But seriously, kind and resourceful bosses get better results than those who are the opposite.


As I’m watching this series, it’s evident that Joanna Coles is playing a major part in these early episodes. She’s built a great rapport with the staff members and has their best interest at heart. Although, she’s moving on from the magazine to a new position at Hearst, she’s helping the staff navigate the changes and providing advice to those who seek her input. These are all marks of a good leader.

What do you think? Did you watch SoCosmo, Episode 2? Did I miss any leadership lessons? Let me know in the comments section below or on social media, Facebook and Twitter.

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