Social Media Headlines: Did You See These 4 Items?

Tech Tuesday is a weekly series that recaps social media headlines from the last week. Topics include new features, marketing campaigns and platform advancements. I also share my thoughts on these social media headlines and ask questions to spark open dialogue and conversation.

As I went about life, social media headlines continued to dominate my newsfeed. The past 10 days were crazy for me. I was wicked-busy preparing for my session at the Arkansas Women Blogger University Conference (#AWBU) and the road trip [to the conference]. I joined the Network of Executive Women organization as a concentrated move to grow professionally. I also purchased more career books at Barnes & Noble. In national news last week: Wes Craven died (creator of all things scary); Obama made plans to rename Mt. McKinley (while in Alaska); and fans prepare for College Football Season Kick-off.

Social Media Headlines, August 25-31

This week in social media headlines, I discuss Instagram photos, Angry Birds, Facebook milestones and sharing content.

Instagram expands image and video options

Instagram announced last week that users will now be able to post photos and videos in landscape. The square image will no longer be required. You can read more about the changes >> HERE.

As a brand representative adding content to Instagram, I am living for this announcement. Finally! No more square photos. However, as a personal user, I’m sad to see the square photos not be a requirement. I loved that about Instagram. This is coming from someone who printed a book of her Instagram photos from last year…so, I may be biased. This [change]  is clearly a move to be more flexible with videos and images for monetization purposes. My question is how long will it take for this app to move beyond a mobile-only uploads? 

Tweets will now show up in Google Searches

Twitter and Google reached an agreement. Google announced it’s extending its use of Tweets to all English searches and mobile results pages. Read more about the partnership >> HERE.

Your tweets will now show on Google. New Rule: Watch what you tweet! Only tweet what you aren’t afraid of showing to the world on Twitter…and Google. Have you seen any tweets in your Google results? 

Facebook Reached an Unbelievable Milestone

Last week, Facebook reported that 1 billion users used the network in a single day. That day was Monday, August 24. Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook on Thursday to announce the company’s achievement. Read more about this milestone >> HERE.

Facebook is here to stay, people. Get used to it. With this much activity in an single day around the globe, Facebook isn’t going away. There will be a day when Facebook will be a mandatory part of life. Don’t believe me, just watch!

Disney, The CW let fans clip and share content with Clippit update

Disney, The CW and Syfy are among several networks that allow users to share their content via the new update of the Clippit application. Have a favorite show? Share content from the show with your friends and family with the updates in Clippit 2.0. Read more about the features >> HERE.

This announcement makes me happy. I am an avid television viewer and will enjoy sharing clips from my favorite episodes. I can’t wait to start to using this app. The new television seasons start in a few weeks!

My session at the conference went great. I’m now digging deep into the next project. I’m excited to attend the Blog Elevated Conference in Dallas in a few weeks.
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RamonaSocial Media Headlines: Did You See These 4 Items?

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  1. Sarah Shotts

    I’m really bummed out about the IG update. I loved the visual rhythm of all the photos being the same size and the creativity involved in making photos work as a square. It reminded me of shooting in medium format with film cameras.

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