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Social Media News Headlines: 4 of the Best Stories from Last Week

Tech Tuesday is a weekly series that recaps social media news headlines from the last week. Topics include new features, marketing campaigns and platform advancements. I also share my thoughts on these social media news headlines and ask questions to spark open dialogue and conversation.

The past week was a busy week in the world, but social media new headlines continued to make waves in the industry. In national news, a variety of music artists performed at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park (NYC), NASA found water on Mars, and John Boehner announced his resignation from Congress.

Last Week in Social Media, September 22-28
This week in social media news headlines, I discuss Twitter polls, Snoop Dogg, Cinnabon and Facebook Notes. Social networks keep making changes, and I keep giving the people what they want — social media news headlines.

social media news headlines

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1. Twitter users can now tweet polls.

Twitter confirmed that they are working on implementing user polls into tweets. Polls will have a 24-hour limit and appear in the mobile app. You can read more about this news >> HERE.


This is an interesting option from Twitter. I think it can be useful for brands and celebrities. However, the average personal user may or may not find this feature a benefit. Personally, I’m excited. It will be fun to see how this works. 

2. Snoop Dogg Sparks Up Pot-Centric Social Network.

Entertainer Snoop Dogg launched his own network, Merry Jane. describes the platform as a “lifestyle media site with cannabis at the center.” Content will include video, editorial and information for those interested in pot. You can read more on this tech platform >> HERE.


My thoughts: Lawd Geezus! What will they think of next. However, ONLY Snoop Dogg could start a pot-centric social network. I mean, ‘Mary Jane’ is synonymous with his name and lifestyle. I had no idea that Snoop Dogg (also known as Snoop Lion) was an investor in tech products. Again, I’m going to sit back and watch to see if the public is interested in this platform or if they “pass” on it. 

3. Facebook Notes Expanded. 

Facebook is rolling out an update to make notes more customizable. Notes will now be a better option to write a longer post (status update) with a cover images. You can read more about the update >> HERE.


Facebook is at it again. This time they are reinventing the Notes section. Do you remember the first generation of notes? They were popular 5 or 6 years ago. People and brands were using Notes quite often. I loved the fact that you could use simple HTML codes to enhance the text. I can see people using the new, expanded Notes as a pseudo-blogging platform. My big question is how will notes play into the Facebook algorithm for brand pages? Will notes get higher reach than a regular Page update? If so, watch out world! Bloggers will cross-post content with the quickness. 

4. Cinnabon taps Twitter, Facebook to build buzz on Snapchat. 

Cinnabon is aiming to conquer Snapchat with a video campaign that leverages its social clout on Twitter and Facebook to steer people to the messaging site rather than relying on paid advertising. “We have to use the channels that we have access to,” Cinnabon’s Jill Thomas says. You can read more about the campaign >> HERE.


Cinnabon has a Snapchat strategy! Who knew? I must admit that I’m the least active on Snapchat [of all my social networks]. However, I continue to be intrigued by the offerings for brands [on Snapchat]. Interesting that Cinnabon is “bucking the system” by promoting on Twitter and Facebook. Maybe one day Snapchat will make their advertising options affordable to smaller businesses. 


In conclusion, the world is busy and things keep moving. The social media industry continues to make strides and evolve. Snoop Dogg is a tech investor and created his own network. Facebook continues to “give the people what they want” with an expanded Notes section. Cinnabon is “making a way [on Snapchat] anyway they know how.”
Think about the social media news headlines you read this past week. Which news stories stood out to you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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RamonaSocial Media News Headlines: 4 of the Best Stories from Last Week

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  1. Stephanie

    I really enjoyed the way this post was organized and the content was so informative! Awesome post all around. For someone who needs to stay up to date on tech topics but doesn’t have the time to search, this is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Post

      Thanks for the compliment, Stephanie. I post these industry updates quite often. Be sure to check back for more in the future…or subscribe to my newsletter to be alerted by email.

  2. Reginia Cordell

    I use to love Twitter and chatting with people in real time. I’ve since let it fall by the wayside. It seems to be more of an advertisement stream now.

    Yep, and only Snoop could successful forge a “Mary Jane” network. I’m sure it will be a hit among those who partake and hipsters.

    FB loves to keep its “friends” guessing. They are forever changing their network; loved the outages last week.



    1. Post

      Yes, Facebook is forever changing. Forever ever. They are trying to keep up with the other networks and activities that are luring people away from the ‘Book. I still find value in Twitter. I mostly use it for Twitter chats/parties and to follow industry conferences that I am not attending. I also tweet during TV shows, and that’s pure entertainment.

      Thanks for the comment, RC.

  3. Nusrat

    I love your commentary on the latest social media headlines. Cinnabon on Snapchat? Who would have thought? I wonder if more brands will be utilizing Snapchat going forward? And Snoop Dog and his own network? Haha! Why am I not surprised?

    1. Post

      Thanks for the compliment, Nusrat. Yea, I was shocked that Cinnabon was on Snapchat. I was like, “say whet!?” I can definitely see more brands using Snapchat as long as the barrier of entry (price) fits into their digital budgets. For a while, a one-day placement on the Discover page was almost mid-six figures. Yikes!

    1. Post
    1. Post

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