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Social Media News Headlines: 5 Popular Items from Last Week

Social media advances continue to dominate the technology industry. Facebook announces a new feature. Snapchat rolls out open Stories. Twitter promotes its influencer network and announces a change to the character count for tweets. Check out these social media news headlines and more below ??.

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Social Media News Headlines

Snapchat Stories will now be searchable
Last week Snapchat launched Search for Stories. This allows users to search stories that are on made public via Our Stories. According to a Snap, Inc. the length of time a snap stays in Search may vary, from a couple of hours up to several weeks.

Snapchat is feeling the pressure. With the launch of Facebook Stories last week, this new Snapchat feature takes stories to another level. I’m intrigued. I wonder how this will impact engagement on Snapchat. That’s what they [Snapchat] want…users to spend more time on the app. I must admit that Snapchat is number four on my list of social networks. I use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter more often than Snapchat. Will you use the new Search for Stories option on Snapchat? 

Have you heard of Niche, the Twitter-Owned Influencer Network?
Twitter acquired the Niche network in 2015. Since that time, the community of influencers has continued to grow to over 45,000 members. Niche is designed to connect brands with influencers. The cool thing is that Niche covers multiple social networks, not just Twitter or YouTube. Brands search the network for the right influencers.

I’ve heard a lot about the Twitter Niche network. I was first introduced to the community when I worked as the social media manager at Sam’s Club Corporate Office. Back then, Twitter had just acquired the network and was looking for brands to sign up for campaigns. Now that the tables have turned (I no longer at Sam’s Club and I’m blogging more), I plan to give Niche a second look. Are you part of the Niche Network?


Facebook to add Fund-Raising feature
The Verge
Facebook users will soon be able to set up personal fundraising pages, similar to GoFundMe. The feature is planned to roll out in the US over the next few weeks. According to the article on The Verge, the personal fundraising feature will be available in six categories to start, with other categories to launch later.

This is an interesting development. Once again, Facebook is innovating and duplicating services and features that already exist. GoFundMe should be shaking in their boots. Why? Because Facebook has reach, ease of use and amplification options. These things are why Facebook can continue to duplicate (read copy) features and services from other providers. This personal fundraising option is not new. Facebook just made it easier to do. By attaching this to Facebook profiles, that accomplishes half the battle (creating an account for GoFundMe or other sites). I expect to see this feature being used often. Get ready for the fundraising requests from your friends and family. 

Ads are coming to Periscope broadcasts
USA Today
Ads will run before Periscope videos. This presents additional options for content creators (and Twitter) to monetize their videos, both live and replayed content. Read the full details on USA Today >>> HERE.

We knew this was coming. My question is: who is STILL watching Periscope videos. I signed into Periscope last weekend for the first time in six months. I noticed that a lot of people I followed, and used to watch regularly, are no longer making videos. I’m listening to more podcasts these days. Will the addition of pre-video ads have a positive impact on Periscope? I’m sure they will bring in revenue from brands, but it will be a challenge since users are flocking to other live broadcasting options – Instagram Live and Facebook Live.

5 Reasons You Need to Stop Ignoring Influencer Marketing
The Verge
Influencer marketing is here to stay. It’s now considered a reasonable marketing strategy for many brands. There are many reasons to consider working with influencers. This article from Entrepreneur discusses the top five (5) reasons influencer marketing is a good option.

Yes, influencers are all the ‘rage’ right now. Brands are becoming hip to the fact that influencers can reach consumers in an authentic way and increase brand reputation and ultimately move products from the shelves and online. The new buzzword is “micro-influencers” – those who have under 75K followers and highly engaged audiences. Understand the definition of micro-influencers varies from one company / agency to the next. However, these influencers are highly sought after by brands. Who are you working with brands and companies? 

Elsewhere in Tech News…
▶︎ Twitter removes @-usernames from the character count. The person or group that users reply to will appear above the tweet text. [MediaPost]
▶︎ Twitter replaces the ‘Egg’ Avatar to encourage photo uploads. This move to help combat spammer accounts. [Social Media Today]
▶︎ How these millennials grew their following. Brands can learn from them. [Forbes]

Whew! There’s a lot to digest from last week’s social media news headlines. Facebook keeps duplicating services. Snapchat is innovating to stay ahead of the game. Twitter continues to evolve with a new influencer community and eliminating usernames from the character count on tweets. I continue to stay up to date on the latest tech trends…so you don’t have to!

What do you think? Do you have any social media news headlines to add? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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