Social media updates - 5 news items this week.

Social Media Updates: 5 News Items to Read

While we were celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday, the social media industry was launching new products; updating platforms and creating buzz for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In world news, there was tragedy and triumph – as normal. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were still celebrating their wedding anniversary. Kanye West flipped out, and This is Us is one of the best TV shows airing right now. Have no fear, the social media industry rocks on. Check out the social media updates for this week:

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This Week’s Social Media Updates

1…Agencies are using Snapchat’s Spectacles to create ad spots >>>

Snapchat Spectacles are “all the rage” these days. There are popup shops in New York City and Venice, California. And, agencies are using Spectacles to create advertising. Ten-second video ads showcase the perspective of the wearer. VaynerMedia, BBDO and Big Spaceship have all experimented with the new tech item. Read more about Spectacles on Digiday >>> HERE.

Have you viewed the circular format of Spectacles? I was able to watch a video of Geoff Golberg hailing a cab. Check out the video below. It is very interesting. I believe that Snapchat Spectacles will do better than Google Glass. Although, as Geoff pointed out [on Twitter] that “those who mainly snap in selfie mode aren’t impressed with Spectacles.” I’m going to respectfully wait out this trend. Once Snapchat improves the user experience, I may jump on the bandwagon. I am impressed that the glasses are only $139 as compared to the $1500 price tag for what-was Google Glass. Are you planning to purchase Spectacles?

2…Marketing ROI: How to get actionable insights from Google Analytics >>>

This article by Jennifer Blackburn on explains how we can use Google Analytics to get insights and take action to improve the ROI of your website. You can read the full MarketingProfs article >>> HERE.

Google Analytics. Google Analytics. It’s the big elephant in the room. Bloggers know they need it, but many fear this tool. This post from MarketingProfs does a great job at explaining how to check and track specific activity on your site. We know we should be doing this. I bookmarked this post for future reference. You should too! My relationship with Google Analytics needs nurturing. I’m working on it. 

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3…You can now play games on Facebook Messenger >>>

Facebook launched the ability to play games within your conversations on Messenger. The experience rolls out to 30 countries and is available on both iOS and Android. Read the official Facebook announcement >>> HERE.

social media updates - 5 news items this week.

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Facebook is working hard to make people NEVER leave their site or mobile apps. World domination, that’s what it feels like. Whew! I JUST downloaded messenger about a month ago. Facebook cut off the ability to respond to messages using a mobile browser…so, I add to get the Messenger app. However, I’m not sure I want to play games in Messenger. But, the list of game options [shown above] is appealing. I miss Space Invaders! Will you play games in Messenger? Facebook is betting on it.

4…Facebook changes Page layouts >>>

This week Facebook rolled out new layouts for Pages for desktop users. The middle column can be  customized. In addition, there are new templates for various business types. Read more about the changes in this article from Social Media Examiner >>> HERE.

Facebook is always making changes. Always. Damb! Just as we get familiar with a format or layout, they switch things up. Hopefully, this new layout will help increase activity on Pages. The challenge will continue to be how to get people to view and visit your page. I’m all for improving user experience. It will be interesting to see what impact the new layout has on content and engagement. How do you feel about the new layout? Love it? Hate it? Don’t worry Facebook will make a change again soon.

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5…Behind the Numbers Podcast. Episode 13: Thanksgiving Edition – ‘Thankful or Not Thankful’ >>>

In this episode of the Behind the Numbers podcast, two eMarketer employees play a game of “Thanks or Not Thankful” using top trends in 2016. Listen to the podcast >>> HERE.

I found this podcast through an e-newsletter that landed in my inbox. I saw the topic and thought it might be interesting to hear their perspective. I enjoyed the fun and jovial conversation around trends such as Snapchat, Airbnb, the Mannequin Challenge and more. In conclusion, if you are in the mood for a quick and fun chat, take time to listen.

What caught your eye this past week? Which social media updates did you notice? Did I miss anything? Share your comments in the section below.

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