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Wordless Wednesday: #the100DayProject – Week 1

It’s true. I’m participating in The 100 Day Project. The concept is that you commit to doing something for 100 days. I chose to do an art project each day. My Instagram hashtag for this project is #100DaysofRamonaArt. I plan to focus on a the following art forms: Painting – with acrylics and brush pens Watercolor Sketching in pencil and …

RamonaWordless Wednesday: #the100DayProject – Week 1

NWA Tech Summit {Wordless Wednesday}

I had the pleasure of attending (and live-tweeting) the NWA Technology Summit in Rogers, AR yesterday. I heard great speakers, learned new trends and got a glimpse into the future of technology.     I appreciate the opportunity as part of the NWA Bloggers community. A full recap post is coming soon.  -RAMONA 

RamonaNWA Tech Summit {Wordless Wednesday}
#MakeWithMe Challenge | addicted to fries

MakeWithMe Sketches {Wordless Wednesday}

This month I’m participating in the MakeWithMe Sketch Challenge hosted by Janine Crum. Each day participants receive a new prompt for their sketches. Below are three of my drawings from the last week.

RamonaMakeWithMe Sketches {Wordless Wednesday}

Wordless Wednesday: Sketching

Last month I participated in a sketching challenge on Instagram. The #MakeWithMe challenge was hosted by JANINE CRUM and featured a different prompt each day. I enjoyed the challenge, and I’ve continued to sketch into July (without daily prompts). Below is a recent sketch of a tree I photographed while in the Bahamas last month. SEE ALSO: Bahamas Vacation Blog …

RamonaWordless Wednesday: Sketching

Smiles Change the World {Wordless Wednesday}

RamonaSmiles Change the World {Wordless Wednesday}

Wordless Wednesday: Be Deliberate

“What are you doing to live life on purpose?”

RamonaWordless Wednesday: Be Deliberate

Wordless Wednesday: A Meal Today

  I enjoyed a nice lunch that consisted of a taco salad and watermelon for dessert. I love watermelon (more on that at another time). What did you have for lunch?

RamonaWordless Wednesday: A Meal Today

Wordless Wednesday: Look at Things

Perception is reality. What we perceive is what we believe. How are you looking at things? 

RamonaWordless Wednesday: Look at Things