Talk Thursday Interview Series: Nadalie Bardo

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Hello, Friends! It’s another edition of the Talk Thursday interview series.

Since the relaunch of the series a few weeks ago, I’ve received great feedback and excitement around the topics. I am happy to highlight online business owners, blogging buddies and others who share tips and advice on social media and more. People really loving the book recommendations! In this Thursday interview series, each guest will answer the same seven (7) questions that address social media, social networks and tips for being successful online. Let’s get started!


This week, Nadalie Bardo is the Talk Thursday interview series guest and shares her insight. We connected through a Facebook Group, and I’m so glad we did. Her site, ItsAllYouBoo, is full of information and resources for those looking to get on track and push through their goals. I love her aesthetic and ability to answer questions with useful resources. Be sure to sign up for her email list. I did! Check out her library of free resources on her site. You’ll be glad you did.


Talk Thursday Interview Series: Nadalie Bardo

A2F: How has social media impacted your life – personally and professionally?
Nadalie: On a personal level it’s helped me stay connected with friends from all over the globe. On a professional level, it’s allowed me to find and be found, as well as connect directly with my audience.

A2F: What is your favorite social media network, and why?
Nadalie: I LOVE Pinterest, it changed my blog. I’ve been able to be found by my audience. It’s not just my favorite social media site, but probably my fav website period.

Nadalie Bardo

Nadalie Bardo is the creator of, a site for dreamers and hustlers to slay their goals and more.

A2F: Social media is a common platform to market businesses and services, what other ways are you using social media for your business, site or blog?
Nadalie: I’m using social media as a tool for connecting with other bloggers as well. It’s be great for collaborations.

A2F: Which social network have you been slow to adopt or use? Why have you been hesitant?
Nadalie: I am not currently using Instagram for my blog or personal. I’ve had an account for years and since launching my blog several months ago I’ve gone on hiatus. It’s a bit too involved for me at this time to “do it properly.” I’m not one for posting bad photos, or even reuse old content. I really want to embrace it and that takes time I don’t have right now as I’m consumed by Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

A2F: Thinking about blogging and/or social media, share one of your highlights or accomplishments? What made it special?
Nadalie: I think I was most proud of hitting 6K followers on Pinterest after less than 2 months of using Pinterest to promote my blog content. It gave me hope that there is an audience out there for my content that I could reach via Pinterest.

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A2F: For those in blogging and business, what business or marketing major advice would you share with the Addicted to Fries readers?
Nadalie: I would say to not wait on Pinterest. Like most things, it takes time to learn the platform optimize your profile and create consistent “pinnable” content. BUT, it is so worth the effort. Don’t wait to get on there.

Optimize your [Pinterest] profile and create consistent “pinnable” content.

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A2F: Which 3 books would your recommend for online business owners, marketing professionals or entrepreneurs, and why?

Nadalie: $100 Start Up by Chris Guillebeau, Launch by Jeff Walker and Lean Start Up by Eric Ries are my favorites. They each teach you incredibly valuable lessons that you would learn without decades if not lifetimes of business experience. Reading these will save you time, money and energy, as well as show you how to maximize each of your three resources.


More About Nadalie:

Having escaped the 9-5 life, Nadalie helps other dreamers and hustlers like you slay their goals, so they too can build their dream lives with confidence and action.

Follow Nadalie: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter.

And, there you have it, this week’s edition of the Talk Thursday interview series. Thanks, Nadalie, for sharing your insight. I’m sure your information and tips will help many people.
What do you think? Do you agree with Nadalie’s insight? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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RamonaTalk Thursday Interview Series: Nadalie Bardo

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  1. Louise

    Fantastic interview, Ramona 🙂 Like, Nadalie, I LOVE Pinterest. It’s definitely my favourite of all the social networks out there.

    Louise x

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