The Talk Thursday Interview series features online business owners sharing tips & advice on social media and success. This week’s guest is Vonda Tharpe from Curvy Boss Lady.

Talk Thursday Interview: Vonda Tharpe of Curvy Boss Lady

This post is part of the Talk Thursday interview series. Read past interview posts >>> HERE.

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Summer has begun…unofficially! The temperatures are warming up, and the sunny days are getting longer. It’s the perfect time for another edition of the Talk Thursday interview series. People loved the book suggestions last week. The Art of Social Media was a favorite for many reader. Continue to check back every Thursday for new interviews. I am happy to feature successful online business owners sharing their insight and experience with social media & more. Now, let’s get on with the Talk Thursday interview


This week, Vonda Tharpe is sharing her tips and advice. I’ve known Vonda for most of my life. We’ve been friends since our elementary school years! We attended the same church and became fast friends. As the years after college passed, we lost contact. However, we reconnected over five years ago, and it was like we never lost touch. Her venture into blogging and influencer marketing is exciting to follow. She started Curvy Boss Lady as a way for curvy women to get style ideas and be inspired. Her outfit posts are fashionable and fun. Her positive attitude and “Boss Lady” tips are motivational. She keeps her audience updated on local boutiques, new fashion pieces and tips to succeed in business.  Be sure to check her site for curvy outfit inspiration.

Talk Thursday interview: Vonda Tharpe

A2F: How has social media impacted your life – personally and professionally?
Vonda: I am always amazed by how social media has impacted me in my life and as a blogger.

Social media has helped me connect with so many people that I would not be able to see on a daily basis. I have gotten great advice, recipes, and of course the latest news all from social media. On a professional note, social media is the one HOTTEST topic in the Human Resources world. Private or Not Private for an employer to view social media of their employees?? It is an extremely fine line that has new twists and turns on a daily basis.

A2F: What is your favorite social media network, and why?
Vonda: My favorite social media network is Facebook. I love the connectivity as well as the interaction when used appropriately.

A2F: Social media is a common platform to market businesses and services, what other ways are you using social media for your business, site or blog?
Vonda: To share the love of Jesus Christ!

Vonda T

Vonda Settles Tharpe is better known as the Curvy Boss Lady. Her site is a blog for curvy ladies to get style ideas.

A2F: Which social network have you been slow to adopt or use? Why have you been hesitant?
Vonda: SnapChat. It is basically visually messaging times 10. It is truly a fun app, but it has limited reach and value to target marketing. All in my humble opinion.

A2F: Thinking about blogging and/or social media, share one of your highlights or accomplishments? What made it special?
Vonda: When Melissa McCarthy connected with me through Instagram. She has a clothing line for curvy ladies, so it was totally cool for her brand to notice me. I am hoping to collaborate later this year.

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A2F: For those in blogging and business, what business or marketing major advice would you share with the Addicted to Fries readers?
Vonda: Stay focused and DO YOU. It is easy to look at other bloggers and/or businesses generating traffic. However, you have to stay true and focused to the audience that you are attracting. You are in your lane for a reason.

Stay focused. DO YOU.

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A2F: Which 3 books would your recommend for online business owners, marketing professionals or entrepreneurs, and why?
Vonda: I am a motivational book enthusiast. I love to read books that share different perspectives about how to be a “go getter.”My top three books:

The Message Bible. You have to be grounded and spiritually centered to be an entrepreneur. The message bible is an easy read to apply to everyday life.

I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam. An easy read that shares great tips on how balancing work and family.

Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office 101 by Lois P. Frankel, PhD. This book has been with me for 8 years. It is practical advice for women in the world of business. Each “mistake” has coaching tips to change the behavior. This has truly been my “go to” book.


More about Vonda:

Vonda Settles Tharpe is better known as The Curvy Boss Lady. As a Human Professional with more than 15 years of progressive experience leading teams, the “Boss Lady” nickname stuck because of her career. She added the “Curvy” because as she’s gotten older the weight challenges continue to remain inconsistent. It became a challenge finding trendy, non frumpy clothing for a curvy lady. Once she got comfortable, the Curvy Boss Lady blog was born!!! Curvy Boss Lady is less than a year old, but it’s on the MOVE!

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There you have it for this week’s Talk Thursday interview. Thanks, Vonda, for being part of the series. Your insight will help the masses. I look forward to seeing your outfit posts and boss lady success tips.

What do you think? Do you agree with Vonda’s insight? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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RamonaTalk Thursday Interview: Vonda Tharpe of Curvy Boss Lady

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  1. Felecia Monique

    I love this. I needed this motivation. I also love the book title she recommended, specifically that third one. I need to work on letting go of always trying to be so nice and let my work speak for itself at times.

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  2. Daria

    Love the interview! I have to keep telling myself “stay focused” and remember that I have a plan in place. I play with snap chat but it’s not something I use everyday. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Kirstin Fuller

    Great interview. I do agree, we should stick with the platforms that we are comfortable with and that work for us. Twitter is my favorite along with Instagram. Love her mission.

  4. Tomiko

    Love the interview and I feel like I’m too old for Snapchat. I was on it but it didn’t feel authentic. It felt like I was doing something cause everyone else was doing it

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  5. EG III

    Excellent interview. I agree with nearly all of Vonda’s insights except her opinion on Snapchat. Although I’ve been late to the snapchat party as well. I think it still has the potential to surge.

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