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Photo credit: Creative Commons &

Photo credit: Creative Commons &

“Talk Thursday” is a new series on the blog. I started this series as a way to highlight great information from trusted resources. This week’s featured guest is Missy E. I’ve known Missy since our formative years in Central Arkansas. We’ve kept in touch through social media and happy hours over the years. She is a dear friend with a fun energy. Her answers are below.

1. What is your favorite food dish, and why? 

My favorite food would have to be crab legs. I think because I rarely eat them, and they are more like a luxury. I don’t get them unless it’s an all-you-can-eat situation. I also prepare ahead of time. During the day, I don’t eat very much and nothing heavy – assuming the crab legs are happening at dinner. I make sure I don’t wear long sleeves or jewelry because that stuff just gets in the way. I also take a hair tie with me, because I don’t want hair flying down in my face.

2. If you had to eat one cuisine for the rest of your life, which cuisine would you choose?

The cuisine I would choose would be seafood.  I really can’t imagine eating it all the time though.  I think that would get old, but it’s definitely my favorite.

3. What is the best health & fitness advice you can share with the Addicted to Fries readers?

I haven’t been so good with health and fitness the last few years, but I have recently rededicated myself to using AdvoCare products. AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products. I just completed a 24-day challenge and am now continuing on with the products. I have incorporated better eating habits too, eating several small meals a day and making healthier choices.

4. Currently, what is your favorite snack food?

My favorite snack food is sweet potato chips and roasted red pepper hummus.

5. What type of beverage best describes your personality, and why?

Dr. Pepper – sweet and bubbly.

6. What was the last local (unique to your area) restaurant at which you dined, and what did you have to eat?

I ate at Herman’s in Fayetteville last week and I had baby back ribs and hash browns. I had always heard about this place but had never been there. It was fantastic!

Talk Thursday: Missy Elzey

Image provided by Missy E.

Missy Elzey is the owner of the NWA Wedding Ideas Directory and has recently purchased the Central AR Wedding Ideas. She graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from the UofA in 1998, and worked in that field for several years before purchasing the Wedding Ideas. She lives in Fayetteville and likes to network with other local professionals and loves to have fun!


I'm a female who enjoys french fries and everything associated with them. I am a foodie, a carb lover and someone on a mission to lose the extra pounds. At the core of things, I am a storyteller. Professionally, I’m a marketer. I write about food, exercise, traveling and events. I am a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Welcome to my life…one post at a time.
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