This week's tech news stories include items from Mailchimp, Facebook, and the FTC.

Tech News Stories: 3 Things You Need to Know

the Can you believe it’s almost Mother’s Day here in the United States? As people are gearing up to celebrate mom, the tech industry is making headlines. This week’s top tech news stories include updates from Mailchimp, Facebook and the FTC ?. Check out the latest items below.

Tech News Stories – May 9

1…Mailchimp now offering free automation to everyone

Mailchimp announced that email automation is now free for all. The automation feature, previously part of the premium plan, is free for everyone. Thanks, Mailchimp! Read more from Mailchimp >> HERE.

Tech News Stories: Mailchimp offers free automation for everyone
This is great news for bloggers and sites with email lists under 2000. This feature will now be available to sites using the free version of Mailchimp (like me). In recent months, I considered moving to a different email service provider to set up automation campaigns. I’m excited that I can now do this with my account. Watch out, world! Are you using Mailchimp? Have you used the automation tool? What do you think?

2…Companies and Instagram Influencers receive letters from the FTC ?
The FTC sent letters to several companies last week as a warning to disclose properly when working with influencers. Companies receiving letters included Adidas, Puma and Dunkin Donuts among others. The FTC is cracking down on companies and influencers failing to adequately disclose that compensation was received for the posts. The network scrutinized the most is Instagram. Read more from MediaPost >> HERE.

Last month tech news stories indicated that celebrity influnencers received letters from the FTC. This month companies received FTC letters. Be it known, the FTC is watching you, especially on Instagram. As a social media influencer and influencer marketing professional, this is helpful information. According to the articles I’ve read, the FTC is making sure consumers are fully aware that the post is sponsored (i.e. compensated) by brands and/or companies. This is important stuff. 


3…Facebook announce new TV show content planned for the network    
Facebook is looking to create TV-like content for the platform. The network announced the premier date this week. The first shows debut in mid-June. Facebook has tapped top celebrities and personalities for involvement in the show. It looks to launch 12 shows during the initial debut next month. Read more about this initiative in this article from Business Insider >> HERE.


Elsewhere in Tech News Stories:
▶︎ Facebook Looking to Hire People to Police Content. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, explained that the new positions will work with the team that polices content on the site, particularly the live video broadcasts. {New York Times}
What do you think? Which tech news stories were following this week? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 
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