Through it All, I’ll Carry On…

We all have problems and go through things in our lives. In those moments it seems as if the world is the meanest, the loneliest and most painful place to be. Our problems are relative and tend to overshadow the blessings we’ve received. It’s at these times that reflection becomes a coping mechanism. When negative thoughts flood your mind, the hardest thing to do is push them aside and carry on. You have to encourage yourself. “Go on and cry. Cry your last tear. It’s going to be alright. Don’t worry. Just pray. Watch God make a way.” (lyrics from Cry Your Last Tear by Bishop Paul S. Morton)

When we look at the big picture of life, our problems may not be much (at all). Sweating the small stuff can be a bugger. Another song comes to mind. Walter Hawkins said it best:

Tragedies are common place
All kinds of diseases
People are slipping away
The economy’s down
People can’t get enough pay
As for me all I can say is…
Thank you Lord for all You’ve done for me
“Thank You Lord” – Walter Hawkins


Smile through it. Laugh through it. Cry through it. Pray through it. Push through it. Write through it – I just did!

Be blessed.

Written at the north bank of the Arkansas River, North Little Rock


I'm a female who enjoys french fries and everything associated with them. I am a foodie, a carb lover and someone on a mission to lose the extra pounds. At the core of things, I am a storyteller. Professionally, I’m a marketer. I write about food, exercise, traveling and events. I am a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Welcome to my life…one post at a time.
RamonaThrough it All, I’ll Carry On…

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