Thursday Thoughts: Just Getting Started

Thursday Thoughts: Just Getting Started

I’m giving Thursday Thoughts a try. Each Thursday I will post 5 random thoughts from my world with the hope of sparking conversation, getting answers and sharing a little bit of me. Today’s post is a collection of thoughts from the last week.

Ramona's Thursday Thoughts

  • It is winter in Central Arkansas. It arrived two weeks early. Winds, rain, colder temperatures and snow were on the weather menu this past week. I didn’t mind the rain or the winds. The cold weather is an adjustment. The snow, on the other hand, caused pure unorganized chaos in these parts of the universe. After living in NYC for seven years, it amazes me that lack of effort by the Highway Department to treat the bridges and overpasses with salt and sand. Yes, this snowfall was a bit of a shock. It was projected to hit other parts of the state. However, I do feel that there should have been crews out and making an effort to make the bridges and overpasses safer. There were many accidents (minor and major) that caused the morning to commute to (in a word) horrendous.
  • I secretly want to be an interior designer. Ok, it’s not so secret anymore. With that said, I have never been a psycho decorator. However, I do appreciate the work and knowledge of great interiors. My favorite designer “de jour” is Candice Olson. I’ve been a fan of hers for years. I enjoyed her shows on HGTV and fell in love with many of the rooms she designed. My favorite is below.
A favorite living room design by Candice Olson

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  • I’m now using the new Voxer app for iPhone. Two of my friends introduced me to it earlier this week. Essentially it turns your phone into a Walkie-Talkie. I’m still learning how to use the app, but the first night was really fun. No phone calls. No texting. Just hold a button and speak into your phone. So far, nine of my friends are using it; and the number is growing every day. Are you on Voxer?
  • Some people are mean and vindictive for no reason. It’s just who they are as people. They strive at every moment to put a negative spin on happy occasions. They work to point out, highlight and showcase the shortcomings of others; and if they looked in the mirror they would see some of those same challenges in their world. This thought has been on my mind for over the last several days. In the past week there have been a few instances where the mean spirits of others have directly affected me. I was sad and confused for minutes. However, I remembered that I can’t control what people say to me; but I can control how I react to what people say to me. Changing your thoughts can change your life.
  • Three Pounds. Since July, I have gained and lost the same three pounds more than I care to admit. It’s safe to say that I have reached a plateau; and change is in order. Change = more exercise, more water and better food choices (walk away from the french fries). During the holiday, this will be TOUGH. I will keep you posted on my progress. My exercise will include Kettlebells and Zumba (when I can).
And there you have it, my Thursday Thoughts for today. What do you think? Offer your input, information and answers in the comment section below.
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RamonaThursday Thoughts: Just Getting Started

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