White Sangria

At the recent Arkansas Women’s Bloggers Conference, I attended a few sessions on photography. One session focused on food photography from Heather who blogs at Heather’s Dish. Another session discussed taking photos with an iPhone with Sarabeth Jones and Whitney Loibner. I learned about the Rule of Thirds, contrast, saturation, photo styling, backgrounds, lighting and more. I am excited to put the information into practice.

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The above image of my White Sangria was taken at Bonefish Grill in a low-lit area. We were sitting at a high-top table in a group of seven. I used my new photo knowledge and created an awesome image!

I will continue to share my images on Instagram. Be sure to follow me.

Are you a budding photographer?

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      Thanks for the comment and compliment, Yavonda! I must admit, it’s one of the best photos I’ve taken with in my life! The photography session was so informative. I’m excited to keep using what I learned.

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