{Wordless Wednesday} The First Snow Fall

And, scene! I’m back on the blog. I decided to kick things off with a quick Wordless Wednesday post. Check it out! The photo was taken this morning in front of my house.

The first snow fall of Winter 2011 in Central Arkansas

In the lane, snow is glistening!

Now that the first snow fall is over and done with, I have to get prepared for the winter weather. This can only mean one thing…time go shopping! I need more sweaters, boots, scarves and a new coat.


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Ramona{Wordless Wednesday} The First Snow Fall

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    1. addicted2fries

      Hey there! Thanks for the comment. Yes, I took a break for a few months. But, I realized this was a needed outlet…and, now I’m back! My new baby was shocked with the little snow we got. “The Transformer” is slowly adjusting to the colder temperatures. When does Spring start? She (the new car) looks best topless! Rule #1: No dropping the top unless is 70 degrees or above [I learned the hard way].

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